Winx-Petite Maison Citrouille

Just in time for October, I’ve released the Petite Maison Citrouille, that’s Little Pumpkin House for those who don’t parlais.  Ok, I know as chic as it sounds, neither do I, but elka Lehane of Boing Fromage was kind enough to help me. Thanks elka! XO.

My Lil’ Pumpkin is sized for nestling in your garden or forest for this season, with room inside to fit your friends too.  Inside is a upper loft area with a futon and pillows, with a settee underneath and ample seating. Outside there are pumpkins and vines, providing more seating to enjoy the change of season.  4 singles poses, and 5 couples poses throughout.  64 prims, and Copy/Mod/No Transfer.

It’s a fun little garden novelty for you to enjoy, currently listed on OnRez, and SLex, I can rez it inworld on request for more viewing and am in process of looking for the perfect spot to set up a permanent location for it.  Check my Picks to see if I have placed it inworld, if I do it will most likely to start be places at the Cafe Yard Sale in there.

Don’t forget the Magic of Oz-Grand Opening is still in full swing, with parties, giveaways, gifts, and a hunt click here for details.


4 thoughts on “Winx-Petite Maison Citrouille

  1. LMAO Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)

    * Pumpkin Seeds

    FYI I have it out inworld now see my classifieds tab in my profile, or search-classifieds “Pumpkin House”

  2. I bought this and now it’s my house for the fall until winter. It’s a prefect little cozy house and it works really well with the the Haunted Swing .

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