Friday Happenings

Several Reminders about activities on Friday, October 10, 2008

View towards Emerald City
View towards Emerald City

Magic of Oz Grand Opening hunt ends Friday click here for details, click here for a TP

Wicked Witch of the Wests Castle in Winkie Country
Wicked Witch of the Wests Castle in Winkie Country


Impressione Announces the Opening of a New Art Exhibit Featuring the Works of four Yip at the KMADD Center for the Arts

In the tradition of showcasing the most creative, talented people of Second Life, KMADD welcomes four Yip to KMADD Center for the ARTS.  The exhibit opens on Friday, October 10th, at 3pm SLT, followed by Mitch Triellis ( live from Chile singing famous old school jazz songs (Bobby Darin, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin) on the KMADD City Plaza beginning at 4pm slt.  Kirk, Maddox, and four may take a moment to drop by during the opening!

Building up to the Friday’s gallery opening, four Yip was recently a guest on Sunday night‘s Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe,

four Yip is a shining star in 2D digital art.  She is a master with graphic manipulation in Photoshop, where she turns snapshots of avatars she meets and creates realistic portraits that look like a combination of a painting and a photograph.  Often whimsical, always evocative, Yip’s work stands powerfully on its own.  It opens wide the window to the soul of the player behind the avatar, picking up on clues of that person’s personality from their style and appearance.  Some may recognize Yip from her notable presence in the SL Flickr community, others from her tiny, quirky shop in which she “sells” everything for free from a propeller swing for four, to winged, stork-legged bird chairs to a Charlie Chaplin cinema package (moving background included).

The exhibit opens October 10th and is part of KMADD City’s one year anniversary celebration running from October 9-12.

KMADD Center for the Arts Location:

four Yip’s shop location:

four Yip’s Flickr:

For more information, please visit the KMADD website at and also


KMADD Enterprise is a conglomerate of business in Second Life that includes a Model Agency, Studio, Image Consultancy, Avatar Products Store, Shopping District, Gallery and VIP Events Group.

Impressione is a full service virtual worlds marketing agency, offering the complete range of services to develop your brand, both in-world and out.


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