Fall Photo Hud

Well Second Life has been a pain all week, and murphy’s law has been in effect. Nothing like going to photograph skins, and other items, and find after hours spent carefully doing so, that all of them have your hud/interface on. 😉   So I busied myself with other things to wait out a streak of bad luck.

I have finished a photo hud with 16 frames/borders, effects for some fun inworld photos.  I made some of them specially for the darkest of settings for some fun mist/fog/spectral effects.  If you are not familiar with a photo hud, you wear it, frame your shot, save photo to disc, and crop in any image editing program.

I’m adding some fall centerpieces this week too if Second Life accommodates, but next my skin posts.

Fall 2008 Photo HUD
Fall 2008 Photo HUD

I have listed it on Onrez, Xstreet, and it’s also available inworld, see my classifieds ad for a tp, its by the little pumpkin house.

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