Aleri Darkes Virgo Skins

Aleri Darkes just rebuilt her store and it coincides with her latest skin release her Virgo line.  This line is heavily modded Splendor skins, so fans of those will love the new variety she has created.  Stunning make ups, and a lovely attention to detail in every one, with heavy modding of face and body.  Each skin tone comes in a variety of styles shown here is the tan tone.

Aleri Darkes  Virgo Skins in Tan
Aleri Darkes Virgo Skins in Tan

Stunning to be sure, I was hard pressed to not to turn a skin photo session into a lingerie shoot.  Since I brought it up, I should mention that each skin is comes in 3 bikini styles (demo for a looksee), and she has has been kind enough to include several sets of lashes.  The lashes come in a full set, tops only, bottoms only, left eye, and right eye only versions so you are prepared for a variety of sweeping hair styles, and various accentuations of the lovely eye make-up.  I want to particularly mention that I found the in the Tan line, the Mata Hari, and Tarot to be very lovely.

Aleri Darkes Virgo Skins in Tan Makeup
Aleri Darkes Virgo Skin's in Tan Makeup

Shown with Armidi’s [Intimizzio] Il Giorna – Gold; ETD’s Starley Pumps in cheetah; and ETD Tiana in Chestnut.  All Makeups where photographed with no lashes.   TP’s:  ETD Armidi

Aleri Darkes/Diversity Hair


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