W. Winx-Timeless Colonnade Ruin

Timeless Columnade Ruins
Timeless Colonnade Ruins

I recently set out the W. Winx-Timeless Colonnade Ruin at  Heathrow. The Timeless Series is another series I am working on, specially designed for a forest setting, but does well in forested parcels too.  The Colonnade Ruin in particular is a very large one height-wise and is stunning set in nature, along water, mountains etc.  It will make one want to explore to find it when viewed from a distance.  I’ve included a bonus column to arrange at the sight to complete the effect.  Covered in white roses, it’s a classic, dreamy, and romantic addition.

I will be adding items from this series as I tweak some details on them.  Adding them to your outdoor space adds quite alot of atmosphere and setting, and with the added implement of Torley’s amazing windlight settings you can effect a surreal environment, and really showcase your space.  The Timeless Series will feature a columned cuddle ruin, fountain, grotto, ruined gazebo, and waterfall.

Available inworld at W. WinxXstreet.


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