Glamurena Witch

I can’t quite recall how I came about finding Glamurena Studios,  I know i had been in search looking for something and randomly tp’d.  So glad I did, as this was quite a find.   I immediately snagged some eyes (not shown here today), skin demos (also not blogging today, but go grab some demos), but I did snag their luscious silk blouse in creme, and loved it so much I went back for hair, another shirt, and my favorite witch outfit!   But first check out my new toy, thanks to Kari and Torridwear.  A group gift, this perfect witches broom was delivered just as I had discovered my old one wasn’t working.  Filled with great Torrid anims featuring several flying poses, sits, etc.  Someone asked me which group it had been in and after sorting through my emails I can confirm its in the Kari update group, and the Torridwear update group, all tucked inside a cute pumpkin too!

Trick or Treat...Shhhh!  I bewitched your poseballs.
Trick or Treat...Shhhh! I bewitched your poseballs.
Glaurena Halloween Pumpkin Set
Glaurena Halloween Pumpkin Set

Glamurena Studios‘s Halloween Pumpkin set was exactly what I was looking for in a witch costume.  Funky Orange and Black striped stockings and gloves with garters,  peasant style bodice with prim princess sleeves, tight well textured corset, and a feathery, fringy black skirt that shows the perfect amount of leg. Included a undershirt of cobwebs, and a Witch Hat with sculpty pumpkins, that paired with my latest shoe acquisition the Bax Boot from Bax Coen in Black Patent Leather fully scripted with walks, color change heels, tips, eyelets, and even add on lace in a variety of colors I was set to go.  Glamurena Halloween Pumpkin set also comes in a lovely purple shade as well.  Shown with  ETD‘s new release Vasha in chestnut;  Celestial Studios Deviant Nation – Vogue Skin – Cashmere (Vamp – Enchant); and Scarlia Inc’s Flame Eyes Version 2.

Glaurena Silk Bouses & Jeans
Glaurena Silk Bouses & Jeans

The silk blouses come with prim collar and sleeves, and are lush in details and color, on the jacket layer,  I paired mine shown in Chocolate and Cream with their JeansOpera Light Blue Jeans which are well done, and prim pant legs I really like.  Shown with ETD‘s Davina II in Copper; BAX Ankle Boot Black Patent; Celestial Studio‘s Vogue Skin – Cashmere (Noir – Glitter) Freckled.

I really love this store, and I have only one complaint..well two..1. Need more clothes  2. Multiple Layer options.  The designer Kauri Darkstone is turning out a superb design, she’s got skills, talent, and an eye for detail and does amazing seam work, they are perfect!.  But the layer options are only on the jacket layer for the silk blouse and the corsets.  I am begging everyone who likes this store to please send a nice note asking for her to consider doing items on the Jacket, Shirt, and Undershirt Layer, so we can wear them more. I had also been thinking I could wear the corset and skirt from the witch dress with other items, the corset yes, but the skirt I will have to make glitch pants for as the bottoms for the skirt are on the same layer as the stockings.  I was also looking to get a corset thinking I could wear it on the shirt layer, with a open jacket over it, but alas not these.  The corset are very well done, and I want one of each.

Glamurena Hat/Hair with Strayers Halloween Sweetshirt
Glamurena Hat/Hair with Strayer's Halloween Sweetshirt

Glamurena Studios currently has two hair styles out, both with attached hats. Shown here is the BonBon Hair Brown Tones(V0.2) pack which contains 2 shades.  The hat itself is scripted with various winter/fall colors, even stripes!  The texture and detail is again superb.   I paired with the Glamurena jeans, and Strayer‘s group gift the Halloween Sweetshirt.

I have two sets of eyes I want to share from Scarlia Inc, I have many more and will be blogging/reviewing them in small allotments due to SL/RL fun glitches.  I used the Flame eyes for my witch outfit they are perfect for Halloween fun.  I noticed that about the eyes from this store they are fun mixes of color and shadow, you will be surprised!  Definitely worth a stop to check them all out.  Shown here are Flame, and Wintergreen notice the 4 graduations in shade, and how stunning each are.  Nice flecks, and overall good sized, and realistic looking..outside color that is..LOL..If only RL could give us these eyes!

Scarlia Inc, Flame 1-4
Scarlia Inc, Flame 1-4
Scarlia Inc in Wintergreen 1-4
Scarlia Inc in Wintergreen 1-4


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4 thoughts on “Glamurena Witch

  1. Very cool! I got into SL when it FIRST started and wasn’t as developed – but I spent so much time on it I had to quit! Now I am thinking about going back!

    Awesome blog

  2. Thanks, you should come back and check things out but aquaint yourself with some new things like WindLight etc, when/if you do come join Fashion Emergency group if you need any tips/help/advice etc, or give me a shout. Check the Wiki on SL too for any advancements.

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