“First L@@k” at SLim

Well if you regularly keep up with LL news via the Second Life blog you have heard of SLim…the new standalone application that lets you IM/Recieve IM’s from people inworld without going inworld.

Sounds great huh!

Yeah,  I thought it sounded slick too, or should i say  SLick.

That blog post if you clicked it carnival barkers it like this…

“…SLim enables Second Life Residents to conduct voice or text conversations with member of their Second Life friends list….whether they are logged into the virtual world or offline. While the Second Life viewer will still serve as the primary inworld communication engine, SLim is capable of running on most computers, and offers users a voice-enabled instant messaging client that extends the value of the Second Life Grid beyond the virtual world…”

It also directs you to this page, where it lists the instructions and downloads for SLim.

Basically you…

1. Download and install the First Look SL Client , this is a client just like any other one you are logging onto. You also HAVE to do this, you HAVE to cause SLim pulls/syncs your friends list via this.

2. Download and Install SLim, a breezy no nonsense, no bells, no whistles little application thats similar to Yahoo Messenger, AIM, etc.

3. Register an account with SLim, this takes two seconds, and USE A DIFFERENT PASSWORD THEN YOUR SECOND LIFE LOG ON PASSWORD, but use you Second Life avatar name.  Easy Peasy.

So I do all this, and no friends list appears.  So I log out of SLim and go back into First Look SLim Viewer aka the First Look client..work with me here.  So I log out and go back into SLim, and VOILA, YAY all is right with my virtual life I haz friends list.  So Milli plurks that she’s IM’d me but Second Life says I am offline when I have my settings set to Online.  I double check and all is set up right, and so I IM her via SLim, and I get this shiz…

“Imcompatible Peer Application” -Milli Santos is using a version of the Second Life Viewer that does not support IM or Voice session with this application.


So to use SLim to its advantage all of the people you IM or IM you must be using the First Look SLim Viewer.

Now silly me, yeah I did see under the download button for the First Look SLim Viewer (not to be confused with the actual SLim application) this:

You need to download the Second Life SLim Viewer that is specially designed to work with SLim. Other Second Life viewers will not work with SLim.

Please note: You must log in to this viewer at least once before logging in to SLim. Logging in to this viewer ensures that your SL Friends list syncs properly with SLim, and that SL Voice is engaged. You do not need to speak to use SL Voice; you just need to log in to this viewer so voice is automatically engaged. This enables Vivox (our voice partner) to authenticate you as a SL Resident for SLim use.

Now to me, that simply comes off saying I need to use it the first time to load my friends list, not that everyone needs to be using it for me to be able to IM them.

Seriously!  Specifically this line:

Other Second Life viewers will not work with SLim.

Now where does that give you the nitty gritty that it’s useless unless you and all of SL are on it. To me this wording is deceptive.  I feel like I got a bottle of snake oil.

So now you know, if you were curious as to whether or not you wanted to try this out.


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