Archange-New Releases

Archange recently released several new items, and they’ve blogged that they have more to come!  Read here! They are currently offering a gift dress, Caroline in Copper for $1, it’s located on the stairs, please wear your group tag to purchase.  Please note that there has been some problem with the vendor not recognizing group titles, so if this happens, send along a notecard to Danner or Katterina.  They were looking into it as of this morning, and hopefully its been remedied.

Group Gift $1 - Christine in Copper
Group Gift $1 - Christine in Copper

I only picked up a few things when I went over, I want to carefully choose my colors, etc as I now not only wear my usually Copper/Ginger/Auburn hair, but also Black, Platinum, and a warm brown.  I need to be savvy enough to pick something that suits all three.  But wasn’t leaving without the Christine in White.

Archange - Christine - White
Archange - Christine - White

The Christine is all we have loved from their origins as Dazzle, to Last Call, and here it is now at Archange, that detail we love in our bodices, the thought that’s been put into the design.  This bodice has a lot of detail, the textures are perfect, and you can almost feel the fabric.  Front and back has been adorned so that the dress is perfect for the Second Life environment.  In addition the color choices for this dress were particularly pleasing for the coming winter months.  I think I am going to have to throw a ball now, so I can wear this out in public.

I also picked up Lily in brick, which is a shirt and pant outfit. Prim pant legs were similar to what we would expect, multiple layer options made it very well thought out, and its exactly what we would expect interms of quality of design.  As usual all their designs come in a variety of colors, and this season they’ve deepened the color palette.

Archange - Lilly - Brick
Archange - Lilly - Brick

All items shown with ETD’s Tiana hair, and VG Republic jewelry.

TP to Archange


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