Winx-Ice Float Deluxe

Winx Home & Garden has moved..again..Yeah I know.  BUT! I swear I am here to stay.  My new location is at Oubliette and is under construction, but all my items are out and set to sale.

Oubliette is a beautiful sim being created by Saiyge Lotus, and in completion will be home to not only Winx Home & Garden, but Saiyge’s Balderdash – Bagatelle & Trinketry, Evie’s Closet, so far.  The sim will change with the seasons of the northern hemisphere, and is currently in winter mode.  While not any where complete, its still a fun walk on a cold day.  So stay tuned I will post upcoming developments as they happen on the sim.

I have a flotilla of releases coming….the first being the Winx-Ice Float Deluxe.  This wintry iceberg cuddle is perfect to drift away on cold nights wrapped up in the warmth of friendship and romance with 4 single, and 5 couples poses fireside.  Once at Oubliette, open your mini map and head north to find the Ice Float, or explore the sim in its current state.

Winx - Ice Float Deluxe
Winx - Ice Float Deluxe

-Click/Touch on and off drift
-4 single poses
-5 couples poses

Winx-Ice Float Deluxe is 43 prims
Copy/Mod/No Transfer

I have more fun wintery items coming I wouldn’t recommend parking a large ship anywhere near Oubliette at the moment…maybe for the spring thaw.


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