Alone & Adrift

First, I would like to apologize to those have forwarded along blog items.  I haven’t been able to get to them as I am going on week 4 of the flu (my immune systems is very poor at the moment), I have had some RL issues (Family is Fun…not-they like to hog the bandwidth with their WoW missions, while running YouTube, and file sharing programs-I have lost signal 4x trying to type this), and then there are the various SL glitches that make life so much fun (Meh).  I will get to them all, I promise.

I have set out in my store, 4 ice floats with a single sit on each, as a store gift.  They are scattered around the sim, so you will have to explore.

Alone & Adrift
Alone & Adrift

Don’t forget to stop by and check out Balderdash, Saiyge has placed her winter items out, and has lots of awesome things in her store.  We can’t wait until the other stores and items are in!   Thank you to all who came to our little ice skating party last night, it was fun to catch up with a few people who have been RL and SL busy, and meet some new people, and hang out with the crew.  It felt like magic when everyone was ice skating, sl is so much fun sometimes.

TP to Oubliette: Home to Balderdash, Winx Home & Garden, and coming soon…Evie’s Closet!


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