Sexy in Pink !!!

Sexy in Pink has been closed for about a month, getting ready to open its doors with fresh releases, and introducing a men’s line of clothes.  It all starts TODAY…NOW!  Loads of goodies, a DJ, come party this place open, and check out the new designs.

Sexy in Pink--YOURE INVITED!
Sexy in Pink--YOU'RE INVITED!

I have lots to blog but here’s a teaser due to time constraints,  an adorable little purple party dress perfect for the coming holiday parties.  The skirt is a smart skirt so even sitting and chatting with friends you look great as the skirt immediately adjusts for sitting.  Glittery purple texture makes it fun, lets you shine!  The seam work is great and i love the bodice, but was surprised to see that once you take off the skirt you have a great body suit too.  Love when that works!  I have lots more and this is a sneak peek, so get over to Sexy in Pink and scoop me.

Sexy in Pink-Glitter Purple Dress
Sexy in Pink-Glitter Purple Dress

TP to Party here.


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