Festivus Wine & Poles

New Release at Winx Home & Garden

Festivus Tray in Light Wood (also available in dark wood)
Festivus Tray in Light Wood (also available in dark wood)

Festivus Wine Tray is available in dark wood and light wood,  features 3 bottles of Festivus wine bottles ready to pour, 3 glasses ready to serve, Festivus themed cocktail napkins, and miniature Festivus pole for decoration.  Touch scripted to greet your Fesitvus guests, and deliver a glass of Festivus wine.  23 prims  Copy/No Mod/No Transfer

Festivus Poles come in three sizes for your home, or office.   Featuring a sturdy aluminuim pole with no tinsel to distract from your Festivus festivities.  3 prims each, Copy/No Mod/No Transfer

Items are: Copy/No Mod/No Transfer


Garden Plants
Garden Plants

Winx-Garden House Plants with Limited Time Offer-Bonus Pack of empty pots and planter.

A variety of flowering plants, for your patio, porch, gazebo, terrace, etc.  Includes bonus pack of empty pots and a planter, to add your own favorites to.

Copy/Mod/No Transfer
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Items can be viewed and purchased inworld at Winx Home & Garden


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