Random Calliope Limited Edition Sets Auction


***Announcing the auction of four Random Calliope
Limited Edition sets and one unreleased set. ***

The proceeds of this auction will assist two families who are facing unemployment during this Christmas season. Dig deep, bid generously, and take home a piece of Second Life history for your Christmas present. Bidding will be open through 1:00 PM SLT on Saturday, December 20 SLT at Random’s WorthWhile Gallery in Ode.

The pieces that are available for auction span the length of Random Calliope’s time in Second Life and show both his progression as an artist and his journey through Second Life. To read in depth about the pieces, please look at Pretty in Prims: A Retrospective of the Artful Visions of Random Calliope.

Spiral Dance Limited Edition Set
Spiral Dance Limited Edition Set

Spiral Dance was inspired by Mae Best and released as a Limited Edition piece in August, 2005. The set consists of a necklace and earrings.

Blonde Gatsby Limited Edition
Blonde Gatsby Limited Edition

The Blonde Gatsby is a variation of The Gatsby which was created in honor of the opening of the Grand Ballroom in December 2005. The Grand Ballroom is now a part of the Crescent Moon Museum owned by Tayzia Abattoir and the Blonde Gatsby was the gift given to all the attendees of the rededication of the Museum in the fall of 2007. The set consists of bracelet, necklace, and earrings.

Passe Vuur Limited Edition
Passe Vuur Limited Edition

Passe Vuur, or Passion Flame, was inspired by Valadeza Anubis and released as a limited edition in May, 2006. The set includes bracelet, earrings, headpiece, and necklace.

Rendezvous Limited Edition
Rendezvous Limited Edition

Rendezvous made its debut as a limited edition in September, 2007. It is a truly exquisite piece that makes use of Random’s traditional prim built diamond baguettes for the first time. The set includes bracelet, earrings, necklace, and ring.

Little Jimmy Brown Unreleased Set
Little Jimmy Brown Unreleased Set

Little Jimmy Brown is an unreleased set that was made at the same time Random created the one-of-a-kind Miss SL L’Oreal Paris 2007 Tiara. It is a beautiful combination of gold and diamonds that deserves to be placed around the neck of someone you truly cherish. The set includes a necklace and earrings.

Having these pieces come up for auction is truly a rare opportunity to own a piece of SL’s culture created by one of its premiere citizens. None of these pieces have been available for over a year and it is hard to say if they will ever be available again. Do not miss this extraordinary chance to add to your Random Calliope collection and help two fellow SLers have a chance at a Christmas this year.

Bids can be made at the WorthWhile Gallery. In addition to this auction, 50% of the proceeds from purchases made at the gallery of Random’s unlimited edition jewelry is donated to the Modest Needs charity, which assists people in short term financial need. This is an ongoing project, so always know that when you make a gift of a Random Calliope piece you not only make someone in SL happy but you are also helping people in real life communities throughout the United States.

For more information about this auction and Random Calliope jewelry, please contact Elizabeth Tinsley.

Teleport to the WorthWhile Gallery by Random Calliope:

Background Information:

Random Calliope has been honing his craft and sharing his creations with us for almost four years. His chosen medium of expression are tiny prims and his work is often cited as the pinnacle of microprim artistry. What he can create with these miniature building blocks is an exercise in the highest craftsmanship. There is no debating the superior building skills Random displays in his creations. The detail he is able to achieve is breathtaking. Quite simply, he can make prims dance.

Although his building skills are extraordinary, he will be the first to tell you that the building has become second nature. What elevates his jewelry into art is the life that he infuses into each and every prim he places. With nothing more than prims and light Random tells the stories of his Second Life. Every piece is born of SL experience. Every creation is a captured SL moment. Preserved in prims, Random’s visions speak to us of the passions inherent in our immersive Second Life. All we need do is listen to the whispers of the storyteller as the light of the SL sky tickles and caresses the unadorned, multifaceted surfaces of his jewelry.

To see a Random Calliope piece is akin to witnessing a wonder of the world because his work is truly breathtaking. It is so detailed in execution as to make one feel as if they could reach out and grasp it in the hand. But to wear a Random Calliope piece is to cross the boundary between worlds and know without a doubt that Second Life is as real as any physical experience you have ever had. The true gift of the artist is to be able to create pieces that speak to the unique experiences of the individual; Random’s work carries a piece of him. Because of the intimacy inherent in wearing his jewelry, the spark of life that he puts into every prim he places leaps into the wearer, creating an electric connection between artist and observer. Infused with life the jewelry thus comes alive to shimmer and dance upon the breast, the wrist, the finger, becoming a tangible weight full of the meanings you pour into the piece. Random creates vessels to hold the memories, hopes, and dreams of your SL.

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