Digit Darkes-Messina Heels

Digit Darkes just released an entire line of shoes, that should be deemed Porn.  Plain and simple shoe porn.  Sexy luscious scupty heels in a wide array of colors and patterns.

Digit Darkes-Messina-Various colors/patterns
Digit Darkes-Messina-Various colors/patterns

I honestly couldn’t capture how sexy these are, as I spent a day in my bedroom trying them on over and over and occasionally taking them out for a spin.   But if you want porn, serious, hardcore, shoe porn, you need to savor these over on Newdoll Nikolaidis‘s blog, and for you extremists..either check her flickr, or see in store..please don’t molest the demos.

Scripted to fit a variety of foot sizes, the lowest they go is size 1.  I compared size 1 feet to size 0 and honestly there is very little difference.  You could size these to 1 and wear with a o foot, or just make a copy of your shape with size 1 feet and throw it in your shoe folder.  Other options include a heel click sound I hadn’t heard inworld before and really like, and walk option.  All controlled via menu, just click your heel.

Digit Darkes Messina

Digit Darkes has a number of sets within the line Zebra, Leopard, Paisley, Plaid, Tiger.  The Messina in Tiger-Natural, I swear, turns your foot from sexy to hot rod, the stripes litterally an amazing bit of texture work that pimps your shoe.  The Zebras I love for the texture, and the color range make this a a shoe that will get a lot of use.  The Leopard, well who has enough leopard, Digit’s rendition is as hot as Antonia Marat’s leopard prints at Artilleri.  The Paisly and Plaid I spent the most time in as I was amazed at what this look can do for an outfit, it gives immediate sex appeal, and are stunning with pantsuits.  Each shoe comes with a Silver or Gold option on the buckles, and I love that both are included in the shoe purchase.

Digit Darkes is located in the Addictive sim