Scarlia Inc

My humblest apologies to Scarlia Inc, as it was brought to my attention that I multiple typo’d my blog post I recently did on them.  I horribly garbled their store name numerous times, and I can offer no excuse as I KNOW they are Scarlia Inc and not Scarbia Inc, and have blogged them before.  I am correcting my typos and republishing the post as it was intended.


Scarlia, Inc makes these amazing eyes, they are part of their line of monochromatics, and are Silver 1-4.   What I liked about this particular set was how truly grey they are not a hint of blue, while Silver 1,  the lightest of the set has this luminous tone, its almost a hint of ivory while remaining silver.  The darkest Silver 4, almost pitch black leaving a belladonna effect.

Scarlia Inc-Silver 1-4
Scarlia Inc-Silver 1-4

They are perfect for my Noir Lillian Skin from La Sylphide, and ETD’s Tiana in White,  they really all work together well.   I love the perfect sense of graduation in light to dark these have.  The whites of the eyes have no hints of red, or pink, making these a useful set to have.  I love I was able to achieve a true to black and white effect while photographing inworld with no post processing to remove color in photoshop.   See their Xstreet Listing.

Scarlia Inc-Kaleidoscope Necklace
Scarlia Inc-Kaleidoscope Necklace

Scarlia, Inc., also carries a line of jewelry and recently released their Kaleidoscope Necklace featuring a wide variety of shades of gems to suit your tastes.  They were easy to fit, and wear well on the body.   The dimensions and work make this a very fine and delicate necklace.   They would be perfect for gift giving this holiday season, and nicely priced to pick up a few for yourself.   Check out their Xstreet Listing.

Teleport to Scarlia, Inc. inworld.


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