Fairy Hideaway at Winx Home & Garden

Winx Home & Garden is located in Oubliette, wondrous evolving landscaping design by Saiyge Lotus, who also has her store Balderdash located here.  Spring has come to Oubliette, an early thaw has melted away the snow from the hills, and a gentle rain shower has moved in.  Flowers are popping up all over, and a few trees have come into leaf.  Come see the seasonal change and a few new things in the sim! Tp to Oubliette

A few new things here at Winx Home & Garden besides the weather,  Mouse Race is here!  Mouse race is a mechanical game that allows you to race your mouse against your friends, or the store’s mice to have fun and win prizes.

Mouse Races at Oubliette
Mouse Races at Oubliette

Currently in the prize box is the Winx-Ice Float Deluxe, its yours free if you think you can take my house mice!  Hidden around Oubliette are cheese and Roquefort boosters to feed your mice if you think mine are too fast for you! 🙂  I may thrown in some new prizes so check back soon!

Speaking of hidden items…My latest release is a Fairy Hideaway.

Fairy Hideaway at Winx Home & Garden
Fairy Hideaway at Winx Home & Garden

The Winx-Fairy Hideaway is perfect for tucking away in a forest or meadow, or along a river for a cozy getaway.  Inside and out are 4 couples cuddles, and 3 single sits, and plenty of room to add a few of your own favorites. Fairy dust is hidden in the back wall of the hideaway click on/off.  The Hideaway comes in 3 variations of wood options and all are separate objects.   Bonus copyable sets of grass are included in Tall and Small to help transition this piece into your landscape.   Also included is the surround grass for the hideaway itself, this includes 2 meditation poses.

Items are: Copy/Mod/No Transfer

This and other Winx Home & Garden items are available on:
OnRez Xstreet

Viewable inworld at Winx Home & Garden


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