Fairy Gazebo at Winx Home & Garden

While I understand the dynamics of winter on a persons mood, I was stunned to see what a change in a sims season could do to me.  With winter gone from Oubliette, and the hills covered in flowers, and a lush green grass everywhere I have been un-naturally…gasp…happy.    It’s hard not to be so happy when Saiyge has been weaving her mother nature magic everywhere, so many new nooks, and meadows, I went on a fairy binge.  My newest release is the Fairy Gazebo, its located at the main landing point at Winx Home & Garden.

Fairy Gazebo
Fairy Gazebo

Mushroom cap steps on each side lead up to the center, over which hangs a blue flower of Nod fairy light.  Menu controlled for color, full bright, radius, with an option to store your favorite setting with a click of a button.  Each flower gives off its own glow, with fairy dust cascading down from the stamens.   Modifiable to allow you to custom fit the steps and floor base to your terrain.  Twigs and vines cover the structure making it a nice addition to your forest or garden.  For purchase and viewable at Winx Home & Garden, Onrez, and Xstreet.

Oubliette now has a flickr group for you photographers of Second Life.   Join, and submit your photos, or browse and admire the scenery at Oubliette.   Oubliette is a living sim, it’s home to Evie’s Closet, Balderdash-Bagetelle & Trinketry, and Winx Home & Garden.  It’s also a living sim in the sense that it changes with the season, it changes as there is always something new or different to keep the sim beautiful for passing the time with friends, photographing, finding a quiet spot, and exploring.  You may come rez your Rendezvous, or your favorite poses and stay awhile and enjoy.

Photos from the Oubliette Flickr Pool:

Oubliette Hillside
Oubliette Hillside
Obliette Hillside over the cove
Obliette Hillside over the cove
Oubliette hillside over the cove
Oubliette hillside over the cove

So come hang out and explore Oubliette, it’s always changing and there is always something you didn’t see the time before.  Hidden caves, beach side coves, hillsides covered in flowers, hidden meadows all waiting for you.



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