A.I.F. Pet Shop

I have always found my friends pets a little obnoxious.   Having a pet of my own was never really anything I was interested, perhaps Gary has being a dog lover, but not me.  Until my friend gave me a corgi from A.I.F. Pet Shop for Christmas.

This is the melding of Japanese innovation with terminal cuteness.   The Corgi is available in 4 varieties golden, chocolate, charcoal, and smokey.   They arrive in an adorable little basket for you to open.  You receive a HUD, a leash, bowl, food, bath, and radar HUD to help find your puppy should you become separated, and in case of emergency a replacement.

Dulce the Canine Fashionista
Dulce the Canine Fashionista
Dulce & Mommy party like rock stars at Phaylen Fairchilds rezday party
Dulce & Mommy party like rock stars at Phaylen Fairchild's rezday party

When you first open the basket and rez your puppy and wear the HUD, you name your new puppy.  The HUD lets you interact with it at all times, allowing you to have the corgi follow, feed, call, and a number of other actions, and even dress it in the  most adorable the clothing!

It sad isn’t it, or maybe perhaps fitting that my darling little Dulce dresses more smartly then the noobs these days.  Notice no bling.  Miss Dulce does not abide by bling.  She doesn’t need to flash to get attention, all eyes are on her as she is overwhelmingly chic on her own.  Dulce spends her days accompanying Mommy out for fashionable outings, shopping, exploring, and retires to nap blissfully while Mommy builds.

A.I.F. Pet Shop has stated that they are interested in providing clothing updates as time goes and in accordance with the response to their pets.   There are a number of slots open on the HUD to allow for clothing additions.  Currently full are two slots, of the cutest in doggie wear.  From the start you are ready for many occasions, from a formal party, to casual outings, and even holidays.  I look forward to this feature being updated with more options although I am quite pleased with the amount already provided.

The HUD and accessories allow you to interact with your dog.  It’s attached to your avatar after rezzing, and when worn in Hug action as in my rock star photo counts as 0 prims on your land.  The Hug action is one of my favorite actions, as when your puppy is on your shoulder like this you have the ability to teleport around Second Life with them.  Perfect for those on the go.  To remove the puppy from the Hug action, you simply right click and select the drop option, your HUD and pie menu will show if you if sim conditions favorably exist to allow for this.  If you drop and find the dog has been (gasp) eaten by Second Life, simply rez the replacement.  You will be able to update the new puppy with your previous settings and name.  I have to admit I have been amazed at Second Life appetite for dogs.  I am on my 11th dog at least.  The replacement is invaluable.

Dulces busy day
Dulce's busy day

Other actions on the HUD and with the accessories allow you to Feed, and Bathe your canine.   Simply rez the bowl or bath, and click.  Sweet little Dulce loves their brand of food, and is always a good puppy and takes her bath. Teleporting your pets name followed with Come, will call the dog to you they will sit with you and keep you company while taking a nap.   They are just as adorable asleep as they are awake.  You also have the ability to throw a ball for them to chase around, ask them to follow, or free them to run around at will.  Dulce prefers to Hug Mommy, when set to Free,  unless she’s at Aunt Milli’s sim where she likes to run around, act crazy, and not hold still for photos when Mommy’s trying to blog.

Dulces Growth Chart
Dulce's Growth Chart

Over time you will notice some amazing things as you interact with your pet.  They grow! Shown here is a comparison of what the corgi starts at and where my pet is at now.  Even when you have to replace it the update will also make sure your pet goes to its last size.  I made sure that the dimension of the picture were unchanged between the two as I took them as puppy updated.

Many other fun things will happen along the way, as you become used to each other, I remember the day Dulce rolled over, on her own, brought tears to my eyes!  Such a day.  I immediately took pics and spammed my friends with the auspicious moment. (tear)  Or remember its first poo.  I was so proud.  Best of all…it won’t eat my ALL MY NINE WEST SHOES…oh sorry RL moment there for a minute.

Dulce & Mommy at Aunt Millis
Dulce & Mommy at Aunt Milli's

You are assured of lots of fun times, and memorable moments with your A.I.F. Pet Shop puppy.  Over time you won’t know how you ever existed with out them..although your true love might have a word about the dog in the way while trying to kiss you..other then that nothing but fun!

A.I.F. Pet Shop corgi’s are available inworld at A.I.F. Pet Shop,  and available for gifting through Xstreet.

My Current Wish List for future updates for this are.  A pet bed in a variety styles, a dog house, and a bag to carry little Dulce around, something chic and stylish, and scripted into the HUD, and a second HUD to allow my partner to interact with Dulce, everyone should share her sweetness, and lots of puppy kisses.  😀

8 thoughts on “A.I.F. Pet Shop

  1. I’ve had my corgi about a week, and not until your post did I realize how to feed him. DUH. Maybe I need to put off that puppy IRL… Anyway, thanks.

  2. i bought one , and he is amazingly adorable. the animation and scripting is astounding. my mother even thought it was cute and she usually thinks everything in the second life is freaky and wierd.

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