Winx-Fairy Grotto

New Release from Winx Home & Garden!

Winx- Fairy Grotto
Winx- Fairy Grotto

The Winx-Fairy Grotto made from twigs, leaves, petals, and covered in vines, and flowers.  Featuring fairy sparkles hidden in each flowers stamen, with the center blue flower containing a light with menu.  2 sets of mushroom cap steps lead up to each entrance.

Fairy Grotto-Entrance 2
Fairy Grotto-Entrance 2

Numerous poses and animations hidden in acorns, and petals.  Featuring animations, and poses specially designed for the grotto from Ex-Pose (Our latest new store here in Oubliette.  Located above the Redwood Cottage on the hill).  Check out their Onrez store.    Two of these unique  additions are hidden in acorns on one of the twigs , and one in a poolside petal.

Fairy Grotto Poolside Fire
Fairy Grotto Poolside Fire

Other features include:   Fresh rainwater pool; Poolside fire;  Rose Petal Bed with menu driven cuddle poses; Nature Surround of grasses and flower.

Winx-Fairy Grotto is located at Winx Home & Garden in Oubliette.

This and other Winx Home & Garden items are available on Onrez and Xstreet.

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