50% Off Sale at Winx Home & Garden

50% Off Sale
50% Off Sale

Home & Garden items listed on Xstreet, and inworld at Oubliette, are now on sale 50% off for the time being.  I am in the process of getting some new releases done, and may have to move a few others to Xstreet only as I have a space issue.

I have moved my store gift Alone & Adrift a set of four small ice floats to Xstreet.  You can find them here.   Located at the landing point is the Bone Fish release, this is not a part of the sale, and is also available on Xstreet.

Spring is here, there is a lot of store organizing going on, and you get to benefit from it.  Oubliette is in spring mode as well, flowers everywhere, lush green grasses, puddles from the rains we’ve been getting.  Amazing photo spots all over the sim, places to explore, a cave system with hidden spots to sit and relax in.

Mechanical Mouse Racing
Mechanical Mouse Racing

Mechanical mouse racing is available for enthusiasts, and I have a number of items in the prize box.   Instructions and information for those who arent on the circuit are available onsite.

I have also placed a Selbyword board in a cave here, you are welcome to stay and play a few games.  Instructions are in a acorn under the board.  Please remember to end game properly before leaving.  Enjoy!

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