Fashion Relay Challenge-Laundry Day

Yep, my turn to blog in the Fashion Relay Challenge, and guess’s laundry day.   Gone are my illusions of stunning the feeds, and my readers with an exciting, fresh, couture outfit, and dominating the challenge.

I’m picking up the baton from Arcadia Nightfire of Fashion 360°.   She wore  the lovely Slouch Socks from Maitreya in Blue, which was really handy as they were the last pair of clean socks I had.  So here I am hitting my buildings laundry room, hoping the building super doesn’t come in while I am there.

Fashion Relay Challenge-Busted on Laundry Day
Fashion Relay Challenge-Busted on Laundry Day

I’m going to try to work it here in my skivvies, the usual uniform I sit and read fashion mags, and work out event details in.

My baton from Arcadia is a pair of Slouch Socks in blue from Maitreya, if you don’t have these you should totally run over and grab them.  Fatpack of colors for $75.

I’m wearing a messy updo from GuRL 6 called Undone, its in Strawberry, I love this shade.  This hair style is great as you can go from laundry room, to formal charity event in a blink of an eye, and its dead smexy.  I’m wearing a freebie skin from Lazolli called Julia 009 (darling blue), they appear to be new to the grid.  If you teleport over there are two skin gifts containing a number of skins.

Pixel Dolls is having a major sale, the majority of items are $50L, with some items as low as $10, its where I picked up my shirt called Trouble in blue.  It’s jacket layer with prim sleeves, and available in a few other colors.

My lingerie is two separate items from PopFuzz, a Red Tank Top, and Red Boy Short.  The boy short is cut high, and is super smexy.  Both items are this perfect shade of red, that really offsets the blue plaid shirt, cause you know you just can’t show up less interesting to any old laundromat.  PopFuzz is full of amazing colorful finds.

Fashion Relay Challenge- Laundry Day Accessories
Fashion Relay Challenge- Laundry Day Accessories

I happen to be wearing my usual watch from Muse, I take them off often to blog.  I love my Classic Tank Watches as they come in a number of colors, with two color face options, this one is the Classic Tank Watch in Black/Silver (silver face).  I am also wearing one of my favorite necklace and earrings from Balderdash.  The necklace is called Faery Hoard- Charmed I’m Sure, and the earrings are Faery Hoard- Hourglass Earrings.  There are a number of earrings in different charms available at the store. I consider my necklace to be good luck, its full of amazing detailed charms.   My phone is from Cluster, its comes in several modes, photos, text, talk, etc.  love it.  Cluster is also where I picked up my laundry room items, etc.

I hope you enjoyed watching me pull a blog post out of the laundry hamper.  I am passing the baton onto Rosie Shark of Rosie Colored Glasses.

If you would like to recap the Fashion Relay Challenge thus far, or get more info you can have it all plus links to the blogs here (info)  and here (first post).   Big thanks to Sasy Scarborough of Scarborough Flair, for starting this fun blog challenge, and let me toot our fabulous smexy


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