Silver & Grey Separates

Considering how much time we view, and appear grey in-world, one takes a liking to it after a time.  While I have always liked grey, the smokier the better, I have learned to appreciate the fine mid tones too, even light grey to white.   Greys can be sophisticated rather then blah, especially if you learn to layer and use the tones to your advantage, to ‘ground’ your outfit so you don’t wash out your skin, even as shown here against a lighter backdrop of aquas, whites, and pastels.

Mixed Separates
Mixed Separates

I have this lovely Emilia turtleneck sweater in white from DeLa, that’s been a nice addition to the wardrobe.   It pairs well with their grey skirts, and pants alike.  The sculpted sleeves on this really make for a nice top with great shape.  Gisaci (Armidi) Journey Tweed Slacks come in a variety of colors, are shown here in Grey, they also have a lovely silver. Armidi makes great pants, and these with their lovely prim pant legs with cuffs are made by Hudson Armidi aka Emma Gilmour of Sand Shack Surf Co.    So if you love these as much as I, you will have to also get over there and see what she has in her own personal store of casual wear, if you have snagged all the ones at Armidi.

I love how the Armidi-Gisaci Focsani Bag’s tones work with the tones of the pants, its a nice bag, and I have found it easy to mod its thickness too to make it more wearable on the shoulder too.  It doesn’t come with a shoulder version so you will have to copy, mod, and reattach yourself, but its worth the small fuss to have more opportunities to play with your look.

Another great way to play with your look are the PrimOptic glasses.  I’m wearing the Globe2.  These are scripted color change glasses, that allow you to change the lens, and frames to work with your clothing.  Very affordable, multipurpose too considering they come with Radar, Flight Enhancer, and Online Status Monitor built in, check them out on Xstreet.  A quick word about wearing gadgets.  If you already wear a tool that has flight assist in it, and its something you wear all the time, like a MystiTool, you may find that it will conflict.  So turn off your flight assists in glasses, shoes, or other items when you wear them.

My belt is from Cubic Effect, and is sculpty yumminess.  I liked it so much I bought the pack of them.  Modifiable so its easy to custom fit it, its one of the great belts on the grid that are low in prim, or prims near the sides and back so you can easily fit it. <might wanna grab some coffee while I rant here a moment> There is nothing worse then trying to do this via resize scripts too.  I hate that.  I like to mod ‘old skool’ style, cause I got mad skillz.  Seriously folks, hand modding is becoming a lost art.  One day those of us that CAN are not gonna help you in protest of all the resize scripts out there.  They are ok for a few things but keep them out of hair, belts, and other items.  Learn to do it yourself.  I don’t care if you can delete the scripts or not, why bother, when you can learn to mod, and get basic building skills along the way that will enhance your Second Life.  I mean come on, you learned some basic skills growing up in RL, Second Life isn’t much different.  <end rant>  I love these belts so much, I just wish Cubic Effect did Copy/No Trans perms, instead of No Copy/Trans.  Ooh, or the option of either at purchase.

Bax’s Ankle Boots here in black patent are another great wardrobe addition to own.  Bax’s come scripted with resize (not a bad resize script in it either), walk that’s also easily disabled, and options to change the top of your boot adding lace etc.  I love the heel on these, and they look great worn with pants,  just wear the foot, and base, but not the leg attachment if you want to wear them with prim pant legs.

ICoN was a fun find,  I wandered into their outlet at Emery while shopping and was stunned.  I snagged most of their jewelry, and here I am wearing Necklace.  I know a bit of a plain title for it, but there ya go.  It comes with both Gold and Silver in the same purchase so its really a nice deal. I found it needed no modding at all, which is nice when you have this many prims.  /me puts fingers in ears to cover up people say this is why resize scripts are so nice.    I can’t hear you , and yeah I would still attempt to mod by hand. 😛  Check out this necklace on Xstreet, and the designer, junko otsuka’s store ICoN on Xstreet here.  You’ll fall in love, I swear!

I am wearing one of Truth’s latest hair releases the Amber in Auburn.  It’s a lovely windswept/feathered look.  Truth’s color packs come in several shades per pack, and his Ginger pack is too die for, the Auburn and Pumpkin are my favs.  I am also wearing a lovely skin I picked out at Belleza.  I love their Belle line they are soft not overly harsh, and well done.  Shown here in Smoky Mocha make-up.  Belleza’s Belle comes with two styles of bikini wax, and I love having an option.

Items & Teleports:

Top: DeLa-Emilia Sweater-White

Pants: Gisaci-Journey Tweed Slacks – Gray

Tote: Armidi Gisaci Focsani Bag – Silver

Necklace: ICoN -Necklace (Gold & Silver) shown in Silver

Glasses: PrimOptic – Globe2

Belt: Cubic Effect– Song Bird Belt-Black

Boots: Bax-Ankle Boot-Black Patent

Hair: Truth– Amber – Auburn

Skin: Belleza– Belle – Smokey Mocha


5 thoughts on “Silver & Grey Separates

  1. Now even Le Cubic Effect has the resize script. I fear its the end of a great love affair between me and this creator. Now way can I get that fitting without being able to modify it by hand. *Pouts*

  2. The grid is down making for more blog reading time… I am lamenting, too, the coming of modify scripts. They are particularly ineffective for me on anything that attaches to waist or pelvis. They never give me the right shape. The “move” function offered with some skirts and hairs is impossible to work with, especially when you are used to changing edit perspective from attachment to local to get the correct angle to move or rotate a prim.

    I agree. People need to learn skills. I will spend as long as it takes to teach someone how to size their hair or skirt and have done so successfully with day-old newbies on Help Island, much to their delight.

    I was overjoyed to hear that Damselfly had to remove the scripts from their hair. Not because they didn’t like them, but because all those scripts lagged their sim to a standstill.

    A rant off topic from the lovely ensemble you have put together, but one near to my heart.

  3. Wow, there’s hope that I then as time goes on that maybe the fad of resize will die out. I hope people step up and learn to mod then we have a generation of residents with no editting skills.

  4. you spoke a true word and thank you for featuring Bax Coen Boots :)) you will be thought of when it’s time for the new release to be blogged if you like 🙂 I will also add you to our featured blog panel in the main store 1st thing tomorrow

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