Grey Goo Fashion


Smooth like..grey goo
Smooth like..grey goo

Today the lovely and talented Tigerlily Koi of Calla dropped the most delicious hair on me  This is revolutionary hair!  Called the Chicane Flower.  I am wearing it in Golden Red, or…or it was the blonde, yeah the blonde.  As you can see Tigerlily is an incredible hair designer.  She has made this lovely half up half down hair style, that is perfect for most occasions,  Second Life is a busy place so having a good hair like this works with casual and formal wear, and what I like best is the texture.  Most of the time we spend all our time shopping, and dressing for an event, and what happens, you get there and someone says “edit appearance”. Yes, you have spend a week shopping to look like a little fart cloud.  So you edit appearance and Wowsa, you look hot, well your silhouette does, as the sim is full to capacity, and there are people whirling around you, and a a millions scripts running, and you’re holding on for your life so you don’t miss the part.  Why bother at all sometimes we ask ourselves.  Well let me tell you a secret I have long known–Grey Goo is the new black.  I love grey so much, that this is the hair for me.  No longer will I have to mix and match and hope my shade matches other grey goo, while still wearing a hair that says Golden Red, or black, or maybe blonde.   Tigerlily has created lovely flow with the flexi parts, its very feminine.  The up part of the hairstyle has the most lovely shapes, similar to unrezzed sculpties yet better!  They actually provide you will perfect all over skull coverage.  If you are looking for an amazing hair for your next event-THIS ONE IS IT!!!


Yes…I got Punk’d by Tigerlily Koi! 🙂  

TP to Calla cause you know if her shiz looks this good like this,  imagine it..rezzed.    ❤ Tigerlily


5 thoughts on “Grey Goo Fashion

  1. * I really need to add, how lovely this hair is too when you are on dates, or at the club, cause if there is a guy who only dates blondes..giggles guess what you are one now.

  2. lol she sent to me, and I said, send to Whimsy Winx coz she is a brat 😛 I am so glad you fell for it coz you are too adorable when being punked.


  3. only took, like 10 minutes of sitting an waiting for it to rez, and the whole time I was in a group with people asking if sl is having probs, so I wait even more. Then I am like omg why wont the texture rez, so I put on another, then another, and then finally I put on a Calla style i had, it rezzed, So I am thinking ooh she must have changed her textures, and omg they are super high rez, so I put the new one back on, and wait, and I am think WOW this is gonna be some hair, cause look at the sculpties on muh head. LOL

  4. Laffs ! I IM’d her and thank’d her for the gift !! Nearly fell over. I even went in and put my contacts in ! Now please excuse me while I *fluffs my new tresses* color my hair!

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