Money Honey

Beautiful Dirty Rich
Beautiful Dirty Rich

While hopping grabbing eggs on The Bunny Hop Hunt, I found myself at Cutie Honey.  This cute colorful store is filled with goodies, from trees to fashion.  I waited 4 hours at the lucky chair for a W for a Money Honey Carpet.  This cute carpet is a pile of American hundred dollar bills, with a stack of them on the side.  It features 5 animations, and on/off money particles.  It’s my favorite rug, and I am sticking it in my dressing room.  🙂

Money Money Money
Money Money Money

Well, since I had a pile of money you know I had dress up like Lady Gaga from her Beautiful Dirty Rich video, so I threw on this great one piece called JeweLeah from Bijou.  I am not sure if it’s still available, I know it was a gift around Christmas.   The hoodie comes with a great blonde hairstyle built in but I took out the hair and wore it with a heavily modded Loelle in platinum from Maitreya.

Get Paid
Get Paid

My glasses are some of my favorites, from PrimOptic, the Globe2.  These are color-changeable, and are worth picking up a demo of.   I finished off with accessories from Cutie Honey’s Money Honey Dress set, the Money Cigar, and Money Fan.

Cutie Honey - Money Honey Dress Set
Cutie Honey - Money Honey Dress Set

While there I also picked up Cutie Honey’s Money Honey Dress Set, I had to have it.  It features this cute little dress of hundred dollar bills, with accessories to match.  A Money Cigar, with particle smoke; a cute little top hat with money bow; and two styles of animated Money Fans that really fan, and expand from a stack of bills to a splayed fan of cash.   The Hunt is still on, so stop by Cutie Honey, the designer is full of creative energy that is displayed in her variety of items.

Rich Mans World
Rich Man's World

Items & Teleports:

Money Honey Dress Set:

Hair:  Truth – Pumpkin – pumpkin [Purchased]
Skin:  Mojo – Glitterati – Tone 4 – Ruby – Day/Gloss/Liner[Purchased]
Hat/Dress/Accessories: Cutie Honey – Honey Money Dress Set [Gift from Designer]
Shoes: Stiletto Moody – Silver Stud Sides Pump (Black) [Bday Present from Stiletto/Dancer]

Lady Gaga Outfit:

Hair:  Maitreya – Loelle – Platinium [Group Gift]
Skin: Mojo – Glitterati – Tone 4 – Ruby – Day/Gloss/Liner [Purchased]
Glasses: primOptic Globe2 glasses (tinted black) [Purchased]
Accessories:  Cutie Honey – Money Cigar, and Money Fan (Honey Money Dress Set) [Gift from Designer]
Outfit: Bijou –  JeweLeah – Red  [Store Gift]
*Note the hood comes with hair attached, I removed the hair, and wore the Maitreya.
Shoes: Stiletto Moody – Elegant Slingback (SilverTwinkle) [Birthday Present from Stiletto/Dancer]
Carpet:  Cutie Honey – Money Carfet [LUCKY CHAIR WOOT!]

Photos 1, 2, and 3 are in the Money Honey Carpet from Cutie Honey

All other poses are from TorridWear.


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