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Last week while out birthday binge shopping with Sasy,  I found this chic fun dress called Natascha at LeeZu.  I loved it on sight, and have been wearing it most of the week while hunting down the perfect hair for it.  It’s a fun little dress, and so easy to style it chic, or dressy fun depending on the accessories you chose. This dress is fun, it leans to couture, it leans to mod 60’s, but down right great shape.  Prim work all over the top, and sleeves, and short skirt in a all over color with good texture keeps it classic and simple.   Natascha is stylish yet allows you to be the center of attention and not just the dress.  It’s available in a range of colors, and has the top and bottom on shirt/pant and undershirt/underpant layers as an option.

Enkythings’s sexy Cypa boots in Black Alligator was a killer wardrobe addition. (Click here,  and here for Cypa boots pron)  This boot has such vivid amazing texture work,  it’s so sleek and sexy.  There is such a range of textures within the line of Cypa boots you have to see them all.  Worn brown leathers, detailed skins, luscious fun scroll work, you name it its got it, really making for a unique accessory.   DeLa’s JuJu clutch bag in black was the perfect handbag to complement the boot, its a nicely styled clutch, with beautiful texture work and is available in a number of colors.   Essentia’s Medallion Set in gold is where i had fun with this.  It’s a set of bracelets, and earrings that have me wearing them often.  I love the tiered work of medallions on the earrings.  The set is available in gold, and silver.   I have been tinting the silver set to match outfits easily and add a cute pop of color.

It’s taken a week of going through my inventory and stores to find the one hair I love with this outfit, and today I was pleased to log on and find a new release at ETD and it was perfect!   The Felicity at first look appeared to be a lovely casual hair.  Upon wearing it i was delighted to discover its downright sexy chic.  It sweep over and to the side, with good volume and height in a soft sex kitten way.  To top it off its got hair pins securing the hairs at the top.  I have gone nuts over hair pinned hair as of late so this was something that made me smile when I changed from the Chestnut shade to the Blonde shade in the Naturals Pack 1.  BTW  ELIKA is DA BOMB for offering Naturals Packs. Just Sayin’.

Items & Teleports:

Hair:  ETD Felicity – Blonde [Purchased]
Skin:  Redgrave – 01 Leticia Tan Skin –  oldrose [Purchased]
Dress: LeeZu – Natascha Flexi Dress – Black [Purchased]
Jewelry:  Essentia – Medallion Set- Gold [Gift from Designer]
PurseDeLa – Clutch bag “Juju” Black [Purchased]
Boots: enkythings – Cypa Black Alligator [Bday present from Miss Sasy Scarborough ;P]

All poses shown from DeLa


2 thoughts on “Simply Chic

  1. you look smokin hot, yay you, and yay all the yummies, those boots are amazing and I love the silver and white ones too, yay Enktan.


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