Separates Mix

Mixing Seperates
Mixing Separates

One of the easy ways of ensuring you always have something to wear, is sticking to a range of colors you will most likely wear.  Everyone knows the theory of the little black dress, and the value of accessories in basic black.  At some point you may realize that even unintentionally you have acquired  many pieces in a certain range of colors.  I find I will buy in this order:  black, grey, brown, white, with a olive green thrown in if I can get that option.  Thinking about it makes me think its a bit boring, but I think I would rather always have a match then not.  When presented with an affordable fat pack I choose the fat pack, and will sometimes not even buy the item until I can afford it.  Fat packs can be great like this if the designer has a set palette they design with, and bonus if its a palette that works with other stores palettes,  you really get mileage out of its use.

I have these lovely Olimpia pants from LeLutka’s spring line in white.  They feature these billowy prim pant legs that have nice soft look to them.  I find they are suited perfectly to DeLa’s Vivian Blouse in white, which comes with this amazing high collar, and structured prim sleeves, and even a billowy prim back.

Prim parts can be frustrating at first look these days, with the newer Second Life viewers, and the various graphics cards out there, and lets not even go into various glitches.  I find the biggest interference with prim parts these days is the face light.  I know many people have had it with face lights in general due to the fact they are running scripts, too bright, too primmy.  Yes, you can look awesome, but play with your lighting presets, and consider how many people are using presets to make you look good or actually looking at you.  Do you really think you teleport into a sim and those countless green dots on the mini map are all turning their views to admire you, stunningly highlighted in the glow of your face lamp.  Um no, and if they are looking at you its to right click, and Im you about turning your face light off.   (Shhh…Whimsy’s in a 12 step lace light recovery program)  The fastest way to get over your face light addiction is to find yourself knee deep in clothes with prim parts that will discolor under face lights.  Many designers have made clothes suited towards windlight, or taking into consideration people wear lights.  You may find that due to a number of reasons your prim parts are a different color then your outfit.  Double check the edit box on them, for instance, my pants here had a slight grey tint that worked with my face light, but since I no longer wear it I had to remove the tint to have the prim parts match.  You may even need to add a tint in some cases to prim parts.

To make these pants work with this particular shirt I needed to wear a corset, or at least a very wide belt, as the shirt is empire waisted and the pants had a nice finishing prim pant top that was optional.  I was happy to be able to use my Pixel Dolls knit belt on the jacket layer to break up the expanse of white.  Had I wanted to begin mixing in another color this was the perfect opportunity, but I am such a fan of black I had to go with it.   When you wear this many prim parts you need to consider how you are balanced out prim wise with shape, The Boulevard Bag from Paper Couture was a choice I went with due to shape, and texture.  I liked the all over logo design repeat, and the barrel shape.   No doubt you have one of these tucked away in inventory, and with the palette they used spring is a great time to pull them out, specially in pastels.

Sasy Scarborough clued me into these sexy mules called Nana from enkythings when we went out birthday shopping.  She and I discussed at length (poor Gary had to stand in the store and listen-he’s such a trooper) how wonderful these are and specially worn with lingerie.  The texture on them is soft, making it perfect for wearing with soft fabrics, or giving a soften look to your outfit.   I was able to wear my Envy jewelry set from Glamurena with this, it was the first time I had worn it since purchase, and it loved the effect of the long pearls with the high collar of my shirt, and the earrings dangling beyond the ends of my hair.

My hair is Sienna by Aden in Hazel.   Aden recently closed his store after marking down all his hair for sale.  There is still an outlet called Wigs by Aden, but only older styles are there, but worth a look as the Amy Winehouse style and the Spice Girls styles are here among others.  I wore one of the Spice Girls styles in one of my early blog posts here.   This style of hair is great with high collars, and structured shoulder lines.  Many hair stores have similar styles, off hand I can think Aveda, ETD, Armidi,  some curly bobs as seen at Cake, and Detour would work, even the Bang Bang at lamb Ms. Sasy proclaimed that day was all hers so I couldn’t wear it.   I finished off my look with Opal Guardian Moon Cuff from Balderdash, a nicely detailed cuff bracelet, and my LeLutka Sunglasses in white.

Items & Teleports:

Hair: Aden – Sienna (Hazel) [Purchased]
Skin: Redgrave – 01 Leticia Tan Skin –  oldrose [Purchased]
Sunglasses:  LeLutka -Sunglasses – White [Bloggers Pack]
Earrings:  Glamurena – Envy – Black Pearl And Feather Jewellery Set [Purchased]
Necklace:  Glamurena – Envy – Black Pearl And Feather Jewellery Sett [Purchased]
Blouse:  DeLa – Blouse – Vivian –  White [Purchased]
Bracelet:  Balderdash – Opal Guardian Moon Cuff [Purchased]
Belt:  Pixel Dolls –  Belts –  Knit (Jacket Layer) [Purchased]
Handbag:  Paper Couture – The Boulevard Bag – Noir [Purchased]
Pants:  LeLutka – Olimpia – Pants -white [Bloggers Pack]
Shoes: enkythings – Nana Black [Purchased]