New Release & New Satelite Location-The Deck

Winx Home & Garden’s latest release is the Beachcomber Deluxe, an exclusive release for it’s new satelite location at Second Life’s newest shopping destination…The Deck.

Winx-Beachcomber Deluxe
Winx-Beachcomber Deluxe

The Winx-Beachcomber Deluxe is a casual addition to your private beach, patio area, or garden.  The Beachcomber settee has four single sits in click-able pillows.  The fire-pit area features 6 single sits in it’s cushions and pillows. Touch on/off fire-pit to enjoy an evening by the fire.  Deck Cushion features a couples cuddle mlp engine, touch to start, with 4 couples cuddles.  The Beachcomber comes with copyable candles in two styles, and driftwood and rusted chain decor salvaged from the beach.  Two styles of copyable potted plants to add to your outdoor scene, and plants for your planter in the fire-pit area.

Copy/Mod/No Transfer

Viewable inworld only at The Deck

Available on Xstreet

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