A Playdate with League

A Playdate With League
A Playdate With League

Sasy and I went out to play and got all dressed up in our finest from League.   Sasy looks hot in the Bella Disastre, click here to read her post on it.  I love Nena Janus’ work, she really is inventive, well done, and multipurpose whether you role play, go for an edgy look, or choose mainstream fashion as your style.   I am wearing a semi new release called Ella.   League is one of those stores its ok to just teleport in and buy whatever the new release is in fat-pack form and go home to see what you got.

League - Ella
League - Ella

Ella is a fun set, consisting of nice layer work which League is well known for.  The textures are finely detailed, the body highlights and shadows realistically done assuring from what ever angle you are seen at is the “good side”.  I love the prim armbands, and the multiple layers to the skirt, and even the cinching around the hems of the blouse. The corset is to die for, I love corsets worn as outerwear.  Ella also comes with an Astrolabe necklace, the perfect accessory with moving parts.

I grabbed everything that came with it including several colors of skirts and stockings, and I love how it works with her Asuka boots.

The Asuka Boots go nicely with many designs in her store, and are worth checking out if you have a boot fetish.  The worn brown leather texture is richly detailed, with a sexy row of buttons running down the sides, finishing off with deadly sharp stiletto heels, and a pointed toe.

The stockings really are a fun addition to your wardrobe.  If you have been paying attention to many blog posts and flickr photos, you will have seen these and other league stockings used to make up many outfits with success.  They work with any style, and come in a number of colors.

I am wearing PixelSalons (PixelDolls) Peppermint (Loose Chignon).  PixelSalon makes these cute hairs in static, with 18 color HUD that come with purchase.  Available for separate purchase is a Streaks HUD, a Fade HUD. I used the Streaks HUD in a reddish tone.  I am wearing steampunk neko ears and tail from Steampowered Nuts,  Thomus Keen is a big maker of industrial steampunk items, which I find work well with some of the clockwork I like.  I think these are great, fully animated the ears turn as if scanning for sounds around you, while your tail which comes in three sizes and is steam powered twitches here and there.  I love them cause to me they are a second set of ears, imagining them actually inputting all sorts of technical data to me from radar, to local stats.  (Hey its my day dream shove it)  They come in two varieties of perms for purchase.  You simply must see his other fun stuff!

To take this shot I used AM Radio’s Miracle HUD, its lovely photo HUD available at The Far Away.  Perfect for shots there, and all over the grid its menu driven easy to use.  I used my VR Library from VR Foundry for posing on location (Xstreet creator listing), and TorridWear for the animation/pose.

Items & Teleports:

Ears & Tail: Steampowered Nuts – Steampunk Neko Ears & Tail  (Xstreet Link) [Purchased]
Hair: PixelSalon – Peppermint (Loose Chignon)  (Color-changeable HUD) [Purchased]
Skin: Redgrave -Leticia – Tan Skin – smoky [Purchased]
Outfit:  League – Ella – Red Skirt/Stockings [Purchased]
Shoes: League – Asuka Boots [Purchased]
Photo HUD: AM Radio – Miracle HUD – AM Radio [Free at time of post]
Pose HUD: VR Foundry – VR LIbrary
Poses: TorridWear

5 thoughts on “A Playdate with League

  1. You look Beautiful, love the sky in your pics, so cool to see what others see at the same time ♥


  2. thanks, I know its hard to remember that we all see something different. I was on Torley’s FairyTale Glow, it brings out the blues and browns, and effects a gloss tone nice and smooth. I didn’t have my atmospheric shaders on.

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