Tuli – Faith Exclusive

Tuli is hard at work on a new skin line called Faith.  She recently released a lovely teaser of it for the opening of her new satellite at The Deck.  It’s only available at this location, and comes in three shades, light, tan, and dark tan.

Tuli - Faith - Exclusive skin
Tuli - Faith - Exclusive skin

Faith is a very pretty skin, with this exclusive version having smokey eyes, and a pale lip I love.  I especially like seeing this very subtle difference in skin tone between these three shades.  Sometimes there is to much of a difference between a light, and tan, here you have tan actually bridging the gap between dark tan and light.   The features are lovely, and the blush leaves a healthy bit of pink in the cheeks.

Tuli - Faith - Body
Tuli - Faith - Body

The body is well defined with good muscle tone, not overly defined, but healthy.  Good shading and highlighting work together with the base skin tone.  The seams are good, and the skins transition well from front to back, and up and down.  I love the placement of the moles here and there on the skin.  While realistic qualities exists, it retains a soft, elegant, look that I think hand painted skin enthusiasts will flock to, while those who go for more realistic effects will admire for being subtle.

This skin is available only at Tuli’s satellite at The Deck.  Shown with Insolence’s panties and bra from her Iris lingerie set in black, and the ultimate bedroom mule from enkythings called Nana in black, and Truth’s Alicia hair in pumpkin.

Items & Teleports:

Hair: Truth – Alicia [Purchased]
Skin: Tuli – Faith “The Deck” exclusive (tan) [Purchased]
Lingerie:  Insolence – Iris Black Panties and Bra from the Iris Black Lingerie Outfit [Purchased]
Shoes: enkythings – Nana heels – Black [Purchased]
Poses: Long Awkward Pose Teleport Here.

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