Gypsy Soul – Autumn

Gypsy Soul - Autumn
Gypsy Soul - Autumn

One day while window shopping at Kari, I poked around the Tully sim and found Gypsy Soul.  At first I admired the building as it was a style I liked, and I was taking forever that day to rez things, and boy was I glad when it did.   I about died, and cursed my shopping budget immediately but still bought the Whimsy stockings pack (like duh!), and I grabbed the Autumn outfit.   This is such a cute outfit, very now, yet so in vogue as a style in the mid to late 1990’s.  I know cause my closet is still full of RL counterparts from that era.  My first thought about blogging I nixed as it’s Spring and there are so many fun spring styles out there, but lets face it.  It can be any season I need it to be in-world as fast as I can rez a seasonal tree, and it’s Autumn Down Under and I need to get over it.

This lovely outfit comes with items on a variety of layers, thank you Solitude Hermit!   The like the grey sweater with shadows and highlights, and a navy tank to layer under, or wear alone.  The prim min-skirt is a cute little plaid skirt with a tiered overlay skirt, its a fun little skirt and suits the look perfectly.  I noticed that on my copy the centering skirt prim, which is usually of of no consequence as it hides in your body was made of a lightly tinted prim wood.  Usually designs make this clear, but as the skirt was mod, I was able to take care of that on my own, no biggie.   Autumn comes with matching striped stockings, I had thought of wearing one of the Whimsy stockings but decided to stick to the whole outfit.

Any style of ankle boot would have suited this look but I love how the Black Ankle Boots from Lassitude & Ennui lend a little funkiness to this outfit.  Another find was this cute art tote bag from Atomic.  Stuffed with all your art supplies you are set for class, or a ready to find a quiet spot to sketch.  I really enjoyed the attention to detail on this tote, from the brushes to the paints, to the sketchpad, and hints of dried on old paint on the texture.  I thought since there were so many muted shades of blues, greys, blacks, and reds, I could get away with the navy-ish Black Chakra Boho Beads jewelry set from luc.  These I consider a staple in my jewelry chest, the funky set gets a lot of wear, they are available in 8 colors. Once again, so I get to my plein air class on time, I have my Classic Tank Watch in black, from Muse.  Love it.  My fun little Danielle Black Sunglasses  (lightly tinted sunglasses) from Insolence.  These are fun little glasses to own, they are all about the business.  I topped it all off with my Willow hair from Truth, in pumpkin with carrot streaks, and no bow.  Truth did a new release today called the Willow 2, similar you can check out the pics here.  And last but not least, my hipster belt in night from Truth, which I though suited the skirt perfectly.

Hair: Truth – Willow – Pumpkin (Bow option invisible, Streaks: Carrot) [Purchased]
Skin: Redgrave -Leticia – Tan Skin – smoky [Purchased]
Glasses: Insolence – Danielle Black Sunglasses [Purchased]
Jewelry: (luc) –  Chakra, Boho Beads N&E Black/Gold [Purchased]
Watch: Muse – Classic Tank Watch in Black/Silver (silver face) [Purchased]
Outfit:  Gypsy Soul – Autumn [Purchased]
Belt: TruthHipster Belt – Night [Purchased]
Tote: Atomic – Canvas Art Tote [Purchased]
Shoe: Lassitude & Ennui – Black Leather Ankle Boots [Purchased]

Poses: Long Awkward Pose Teleport Here.


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