Hot Date

Perfect for a Hot Date!
Perfect for a Hot Date!

So it’s Friday and after many early nights this week, I am thinking I might be up for a date night with Gary.  Maybe some exploring, shopping, dancing, who knows.  So I need a hot date dress that will work for any situation I come into, ‘cept a ball, I have no desire to attend a formal event tonight.  But it still needs some vavavavoom to it.

I was able to find that in the Glam dress from JE Republic, bonus this tiger stripe works perfectly with my Digit Darkes Messina heels in tiger.  Seriously meant to be.    The dress comes in a number of colors, I bought the gold and orange,  shown here in gold, in darker colors the tiger stripe effect becomes more subtle.  I like the embellishment around the bodice, and the short length.  I hope to go back and grab some more.   I wish the designer had considered more layer work when constructing it, it would have made the bodice in jacket length fun for wearing with pants at a longer length.  I really should send a note card suggesting more layer work and why.  I think many times people really aren’t considering how often we will wear parts of an outfit with other items.

My Digit Darkes Messina heels in Tiger Natural were the first thing I thought when I clicked buy.  The tone and style is perfectly suited.  The Messina heels are scripted for resize, walk, and sounds.  They come in a number of variations, from plaid to these.

The Tiger’s Eye set from Essentia was a must have for this.  The set contains a necklace, earrings, and bracelet with this funky pattern on them.  I like the length of the earrings, and felt the necklace had enough substance to hold its own against the dress.  Not overly large and chunky, and not too small and delicate –a perfect match.  I have my Eydie handbag from VG Republic (aka GLAM aka Miam Miam).  This one was released when they were Miam Miam.  (I am still patiently waiting for the reopen 🙂 )  Its a cute little back I wear with my priority 4 handbag anims, as it comes preloaded with animations, and is no mod.  Please more people consider making anims an option on purses.  Sometimes I want to use my anims with it, sometimes I want one with its own anims.  But I like a choice, it takes 1 second to rez a copy and then put the anims in.  Many designers are now giving you a choice, either by providing you with other copies, Posed/UnPosed, or even attachment choices (you can copy and do this too if not included on a copy purse)  Hand/Shoulder.    Lately I have a ao I love for totes, so I am copying and moving them all to my right shoulder.

My Hot Date night skin…Redgrave’s Leticia in tan and smoky.  Realistic and well done.   To top it off the Maya II hair from Naughty.  This is one of my favorite hairs its long and with a bit of a hint of curl and a look of mussed in a hot way.

I have no clue where my night will take me.  I am currently looking into some places I found in Showcase.  But I could as easily end up looking this hot, but parked on my sofa watching youtube videos.ave Below are some links to places I troll for a fun or interesting night out.

Second Life Showcase Second Life Out & About (flickr group)                      Xploring Second Life (flickr group)           Other peoples picks 😉

Hair:  Naughty Designs –  Maya II – Red Sea [Purchased]
Skin: Redgrave -Leticia – Tan Skin – smoky [Purchased]
Jewelry: Essentia –  Tiger’s Eye Set [Gift from designer]
Handbag: VG Republic –  Eydie Handbag  Noir (no longer available) [Purchased]
Dress: JE Republic – Glam – Original – Gold [Purchased]
Shoes: Digit Darkes – Messina Heel – Tiger Natural (Gold) [Review Item]
Poses: Long Awkward Pose Teleport Here.


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