His & Her Mix

His & Her Mix - Whimsy
His & Her Mix - Whimsy

Sasy told me about this chic tote from Dark Mouse, I immediately teleported to Dark Mouse.   Comes in a pack of 4 colors for only a hundred lindens!  There is a Red one as a  monthly gift for group members if you join the group too.  It’s a chic straw tote packed with goodies from the market, wine, bread, and a bouquet of sunflowers. I love an awesome tote packed with things, and this fits the bill.  The bright sunshine yellow flowers were so nice,  I chose to accessorize my outfit with a bright shock of yellow.

My next choice for adding more color were my Ballet Flats in Lemon/Black from Flair.  A perfect casual flat, it has these cute little safety pins on them, and come in two colors per pack.  PSST!  If you buy the Yellow/Black Pinned Ballet Flats (shown here) from Flair @ The Deck , and IM Sasy Scarborough saying you saw them on “Whimsy’s Blog” or “Virtually Dressed”, you can choose any other color in the same range  for free!

Milli Santos told me about this store called Honey-Honey a month ago, I teleported over and saw the clothes which were casual and beach oriented at extremely affordable prices, and I bought the whole store!   Items range from cute tube tops like I am wearing here, in black & white check, with a baby-doll top option, to hand drawn tops with sculpted collars, swim wear, shorts, jeans, and skirts.  I also wore Honey-Honey’s White pants, which are nicely drawn, with sculpted cuffs.  I added Honey-Honey’s Black Leather Belt, but I re-textured the silver details to gold, on my own with my textures to match my jewelry.

I mixed in some more yellow with a collection of various jewelery and bangles I have picked up from VG Republic (still closed), and Zaara.  I love these big chunky bangles called Melange, from Zaara, bonus they come with right and left, so you can wear 1 set or really go big with 2 sets on.  They come in a variety of colors, and are reasonably priced.  Zaara has earrings and other jewelry too so be sure to check those out next time you are there.

I’m wearing a the latest skin from Adam N Eve, called Beauty in T4, nude makeup, I hope to blog it soon.  I usually go for T3 at Adam N Eve, but I saw it on Sasy in this shade and went WOW.  One shade darker then T3, and a very lovely tan, I hope to wear it with lots of beach wear this summer.  I am totally in love with the butt on it!  I have a relatively new hair on Torwen from ETD.  First featured when ETD reopened last month.  Shown in Chestnut, its a lovely side pony.

Items & Teleports for His & Her – Whimsy Outfit:

Hair:  ETD – Torwen – Chestnut [Purchased]
Skin: Adam n Eve – Beauty – T4 – Nude [Review Item]
Lashes: LeLutka – Volumen [Purchased]
Earrings: VG Republic – Drop Hoop Earrings – Color-changeable [Purchased]
Necklace: VG Republic – Resin & Chain link Necklace – Color – Chang-able [Purchased]
Bangles: Zaara – Melange Bangles – Yellow [Purchased]
Top: Honey-Honey – Tubetop  – Flare – Check with Black [Purchased]
Bag: Dark Mouse – Straw Summer Bag – Black [Store Gift]
Honey-HoneyLeather Belt – Black [Purchased]
Pants: Honey-Honey – Pants – White [Purchased]
Shoes: Flair (xoxSasyxox) – Ballet Flats – Pinned – Lemon/Black [Gift from Designer]

Poses:  shown from DeLa

His & Her Mix - Gary
His & Her Mix - Gary

Gary has this knack of showing up matching his outfit to mine well.  After getting changed for the day he showed up and voila he had this on.  I had to take photos of course, as it was completely unplanned that day.

Gary loves his Akeyo Chucks,  they are color changeable, and he fully utilises this feature. Well at least I know cause I hear it all the time.  Gary’s latest big purchase was the new men’s release at artilleri.  He made a very wise investment in the entire set of bowling shirts, shown here in Flames.  I have always loved artilleri’s bowling shirts on him and these fit in perfectly with what he already owns.  Click here to see the 16 piece release of shirts.  He would have worn his artilleri Burt jeans but Sasy stole them!!

Instead he went with another favorite pair of jeans, Black Classic, from Armidi.  They are nicely detailed, a nice color, and feature prim pant legs.  Gary is also wearing a great necklace called Quest, from Uzuri, which was a store gift.  We both own this one and I really like how unisex it is.  He’s wearing Clutch from Tukinowaguma for hair, and one of the Ewan skins from Belleza, and Taped Fingers & Black Nails from SiniStyle Designs.

Items & Teleports for His & Her Mix – Gary Outfit:

Hair: Tukinowaguma – Clutch [Purchased]
Skin: Belleza – Ewan [Purchased/or possibly Group Gift]
Necklace: Uzuri – Quest [Store Gift]
Accessories: SiniStyle – Taped Fingers & Black Nails [Purchased]
Top: artilleri – Bowling- Flames (black/color) [Purchased]
Pants: Armidi Limited- Black Classic Jeans [Purchased]
Shoes: Akeyo – Akeyo Chucks [Purchased]

Poses used in His & Her Mix – Gary photo are by Long Awkward Pose Teleport Here.

5 thoughts on “His & Her Mix

  1. OmG you look so adorable together, I am so glad you did that as a post, you do those colours so superbly , huggles


  2. I took my Basil shopping last night and we soooo found those bowling shirts. He was sporting them at the dance club that night. Thanks for those!! It’s so hard for us to find really nice guys clothes but since finding your blogs it’s been so much fun TPing all over the SL world exploring. =)

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