Winx-Lotus Water Temple Grotto

New Release at Winx Home & Garden

Winx-Lotus Water Temple Grotto
Winx-Lotus Water Temple Grott

The Winx-Lotus Water Temple Grotto is a rainforest/jungle ruins themed design full of atmosphere to create a unique addition to your sim, or garden area. Abandoned long ago buy some unknown culture, and over run by a gnarled banyan tree, it allows you to bend the design to your minds eye of when and where it should be. Lush pillows and cushions allow you to decorate the design to create a space to relax and spend time with friends and loved ones. Available in two color themes Bollywood a mix of bright, rich colors, and Jade Tea Garden a mix of relaxing tones. Even without the addition of these, this creation has ample space to add your own decor to it. Surrounded by lush plants, grasses, and ferns.

Other Features: Click on/off fire, easy Rez-Faux installation, 2 themed color sets of pillows/cushions/drapes with 5 single sits/3 menu driven couples poses. 2 themed color sets of pillows grotto-side with 2 single sits. Corner Pillow features 3 couples sits via menu.

Copy/Mod/No Transfer

Can be viewed inworld and purchased at:
Winx Home & Garden Main Store @ Oubliette in a nature setting ON DISPLAY!!

Winx Home & Garden @ The Deck

Also available for purchase or gifting on Xstreet.


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