New Releases at Winx Home & Garden

Continuing on my Lotus Water Temple theme, I have just released 2 new items!

Lotus Water Temple Gazebo
Lotus Water Temple Gazebo

The Winx-Lotus Water Temple Gazebo is a rainforest/jungle themed gazebo full of atmosphere to create a unique addition to your sim, or garden area.   A sitting area inside provides the perfect space for romantic evenings, and  hanging out with friends.  Lush pillows and cushions allow you to decorate the design to create a space to relax and spend time with friends and loved ones.

Available in two color themes Bollywood a mix of bright, rich colors, and Jade Tea Garden a mix of relaxing tones.  Even without the addition of these, this creation has ample space to add your own decor to it.   Surrounded by lush plants, palms, and ferns.  Comes with a Lotus Fire Lamp in an aged copper bowl.

On display inworld at Oubliette.  Its located at the top of the hill where the Cloister Gazebo used to be.  It’s also listed on Xstreet for purchase and gifting.

As you will see things are becoming a bit cramped here, and Saiyge Lotus of Balderdash, master landscaper of Oubliette, will soon be throwing dirt and hills around on my side for a change of scenery.  Soon, I will be moving the majority of my displays to a sky platform for display.  All items will remain for sale via vendors there or at my location at The Deck.  I will announce via group notice and blog when that transition takes place.

I have also released the Lotus Water Temple Firepit.

Lotus Water Temple Firepit
Lotus Water Temple Firepit

This is a lagniappe available for $50!!  On display at my location at The Deck, and available for purchase there and at Oubliette (vendor located near the store sign at the main entrance).

The Winx-Lotus Water Temple Firepit is a rainforest/jungle themed firepit full of atmosphere to create a unique addition to your sim, or garden area. A sitting area inside provides the perfect space for hanging out with friends. 3 pillows with sits in the Jade Tea Garden theme help create a mix of relaxing tones. Fire pit and plant surround is 22 prims in all. Fire is click on/off. Easy Rez-Faux Installation. The Lotus Water Temple Firepit is designed to work with the Lotus Water Temple themed designs at Winx Home & Garden. Copy/Mod/No Transfer.

Other Winx Home & Garden items are available for purchase or gifting on: Xstreet.

Winx Home & Garden Main Store @ Oubliette in a nature setting.

Winx Home & Garden @ The Deck


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