Roller Baby

Roller Baby
Roller Baby

Sasy Scarborough and I were out shopping, when I got a notice about Pixel Mode‘s latest release–Roxy Rollers!  Yes, beautifully done Roller Skates, old school style! I immediately gushed to Sasy, and we dropped everything and high tailed it over.  The designer Tya Fallingbridge, was skating around the store, and it was a delight to get to see these first hand before trying on a demo.  Having always wanted to be a roller derby queen since childhood, these were NOT a hard sell on me,  I snagged them before they rezzed.  They come with Black and White skates included, texture changeable wheels, and stoppers in Candy Red, Bubblegum, Neon Pink, Lemon, Violet, Indigo and Teal.  The laces are tint changeable to match.  The shoes come with a skating animation that is great!  I am in heaven!  Men’s Skates are planned too, so check back for those!

I paired them with this amazing short dress called Six Underground from Miseria.  It’s available in several colors, shown here in violet, with this great graphic design on them.  Great thought was put into this off shoulder dress, with the side pushed just so up. Incorporated into this top are two straps to enhance the layered look to perfection.  I added my Armidi Denim Cotton Jumpsuit top on the shirt layer to add a extra strap at the top, for an added layer effect.

I added my glitter/sparkle stockings from Bijou in purple for extra pizazz, and bangles!  Aphrodite Creations has a nice thick bangle simply called Big Bangle in purple, and Zaara‘s Melange bangles in purple with multiple bangles all in one.

I’m wearing the new skin release from Idiosycrasy, Model Iridescent, in the Tan skin tone.  I love this skin, the lips are juicy, the make up variations are fun, this particular one has the perfect bright pinkish tones that worked so well with this.  I have been pleased with this skin as it transitions well from skins I wear from Redgrave, to League.  I love the nose its beautiful.  I am wearing Maitreya‘s Zoe, a new one, in Ginger.  It’s a soft, pulled back look with a very nice pile of hair in the back, and lovely whisps here and there.

Skin: Idiosycrasy – Model Iridescent – Tan
Hair: Maitreya – Zoe – Ginger
Bangles (Left): Zaara -Melange Bangles – Purple
Bangles (Right): Aphrodite Creations – Big Bangle – Purple
Outfit: Miseria – Six Underground – Violet
Undershirt: Armidi Limited – Denim Cotton Jumpsuit – Black
: Bijou –  StockingC – Purple (glitter/sparkle set)
Shoes: Pixel Mode – Roxy Rollers – White (Tinted stoppers/wheels Violet)

All Poses shown are from Miseria.

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