I Heart Red

Bax Boots & NyteNDay
Bax Boots & Nyte'N'Day

Sasy and I have been out shopping.  I haven’t been out much lately, and she willingly dragged me everywhere.  I was able to pick up these fabulously over-sized sunglasses called funny enough, Oversized Shades, from Epoque, formerly known as VintageWear.  Yes, if you didn’t know they have rebranded, and also have hair at their VintageWear Outlet on discount!  These glasses were a great deal with scripted options for the lenses in Black, Clear, Resin, Sunset, Gold, Purple, Pink, Rose, and the frames options are Onyx, Silver, Opal, Ebony, Bronze, Copper, Gold, and Ivory.

I love sweater dresses and picked up this newish one from Nyte’N’Day in Red.  They come in a range of vibrant colors, and are well designed with good seams, and prim work.  The sweater texture is perfect, and I love the effect of it will the off the shoulder neckline.  Sexy, stylish, and comfortable looking, what more could you want?

I fully admit I bought the dress simply to go with my Prestige Boots from Bax Coen.  Boots this hot, you know you deserve a new outfit to go with, am I right?  The Prestige Boots are full of all the bells and whistles Bax Coen thoughtfully designs into footwear.  These are no exception.  Mine are the Red pair, which gives you script color options of 4 shades of red to suit, as Fire, Maroon, Burgundy and Grape.   I am wearing them in maroon, with another great option we love Bax for, scripted top options.  In the past they have scripted lace and other trims into their boots, with the Prestige you have Over the Knee, Denim Cuffs available in light and dark denim, Straight, and Rolled Down.  They also feature low lag scripted auto size, with get this REMOTE sizing, so if you get all flustered while resizing contact them, and they can size them via remote while you wear them.  I know!  Lastly they have a variety of changes you can make to the trim parts, like zippers, heel, etc. You can check them out more here.  They are also available in store in White, and Black.  I love how vibrant they are with my Zaara Classic Jean, in Indigo, and how well the cuff works with them.

I chose Essentia’s Byzantine Necklace in silver to work with this neckline, I think they do a nice job together, neither hogging the spot light, standing out on their own nicely.  This is an amazing constructed piece, you really should see the detail, plus bonus is Unisex!  Would be great for gifts His n Hers style.  I had to delve into the pack of City Purses from ETD for this look, I love the red croc, the texturing is perfect.  If you have never tried an ETD purse you owe it to yourself to indulge a little, they are packed with an ao. Bonus I jacked the animations out and added them to my ao, and made up a notecard for them for use with other purses as well.

My hair is A Little Lift in Coffee from Clawtooth by Clawtooth.  I love this with the flippy ends, the lift at the top, and well done side-sweep bangs.  I am wearing some of my latest favorite skins from League, the Misty in Suntan, and silver eyes from Scarlia.  My lashes are from Celestial Studios, the Club Collection, and are Club 6.

Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth – A Little Lift – Coffee
Skin: League – Misty – Suntan – Silver
Sunglasses: (epoque) VintageWear – Oversized Shades – Metal
Eyes: Scarlia – Monochrome Eyes – Silver 3
Lashes: Celestial Studios – Club Collection – Club 6
Necklace: Essentia – Byzantine Necklace – Silver
Sweater Dress: Nyte’N’Day – Mini Red
Bag: ETD – City Handbag – Red Croc
Jeans: Zaara – Classic – Indigo
Boots: Bax – Prestige Boots – Red Leather (Maroon with Cuffed Denim Top Option)
Poses by Flowey Click to Teleport

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