Red the new black?

Casual Fall
Casual Fall

With the end of summer for most of us, well at least for me, Oubliette‘s seasons have changed, and the weather has cooled.  I put together an everyday casual outfit for it, ok really thats all bs, I just have another pair of new red boots I am dying to wear! ;P  Red is the new black, or at least for the moment for me.

Pixel Mode has lovely footwear, and their Rea boot is yummy as it can get.  Pointed toe, pointed high heel, bring out the sexy in this short scrunchy boot.  Accessorized with leather and beads, that are easily color changeable via script.  Included are two types of boots, the usual, and another that easily hides any leftovers from shoving jeans in your boots, and is great for hiding cankles.

When I first saw Tuli‘s Bandana Dress, I had to have it.  I am wearing it in Red, which with the denim really makes for a nice casual look.  It comes in a number of colors, I found the Blue to be a stunning favorite too.  With fall starting I needed a jacket for outings at Oubliette, so I went with Aoharu‘s Short Jean Jacket.  It comes with short and long sleeve prim options, shown here with long sleeves,  there is a small bit of modding needed for this I found at least for my avatar, just minor adjustments in the back.  The sleeves, and main jacket are sculpted, and the dimensions it creates for your avatar are appropriate.  If you love this jacket you should see one of their recent releases the Vintage jean jacket!  I love the rich blue I bought, and it comes in a variety of washes at the store.  While I considered pairing the jacket with a pair of jeans equally blue, I decided to make it even more casual by wearing Celestial Studios jeans. Celestial Studios pant prim parts are a favorite of mine, they come with 3 styles, all sculpted that are very well done, and look amazing with a boot worn underneath.  This time I wore the jeans only. I finished off with this lovely bag from Shiny Things, called Favorite Leather Bag, shown here in Reddish. I bought them all, they are nicely done, well textured, and fit nicely. I also went with Aoharu’s twin belt, in brown.  The fatpack alone for this doubled belt is worth it style wise. Easy to mod, nicely done.

Zero Style made this lovely long hair style called Camille shown here in Ginger Brown.  The flow is gentle, it provides nice even coverage all over your shoulders front and back.  I’m even able to wear modest lashes with no glitch effect with the bangs, Celestial Studios Club Collection lashes.  I went with a nice fresh face from League, Misty in Suntan, Apricot Glow makeup, and made my eyes stand out a bit with Glamurena Studio’s Mossy Eye.

This whole look is really a balance of layers, and attachment points to effect the look.   The jacket is worn on the jacket layer with the prim parts on the chest.  The bag is worn on the spine, while the skirt prim is worn on the pelvis, with the belt on the stomach.  I am wearing the jeans on the underwear layer, with the dress pant on the pant layer.  This is a good example for designers why layers and attachment point variety is so beneficial.  You make the clothing more wearable.  For the wearer using as many layers to your advantage can create a great look, don’t be afraid to make a copy of the item if its prim, and adjust to another attachment point.  You will learn a lot along the way, and be even more stylish.

Poses by aDORKable   store tp here.

Lashes: Celestial Studios – Club Collection – Club 6
Skin: League – Misty – Suntan – Apricot Glow
Hair: Zero Style – Camille – Ginger Brown
Eyes: Glamurena Studio – Mossy Eye
Bag: Shiny Things – Favorite Leather Bag – Reddish
Jacket: Aoharu – Short Jean Jacket – Blue (long sleeves)
Dress: Tuli – Bandana Dress – Red
Belt: Aoharu – Twin Skinny Belt – Brown
Jeans: Celestial Studios – Destroyed Wash
Boots: Pixel Mode – Rea – Red

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