Pink Fuel – Blacklisted – Karma

Pink Fuel-Blacklisted-Karma
Pink Fuel-Blacklisted-Karma

Pink Fuel is featured at Skin/Shape Expo ’09, silly me was so googly-eyed over their cute little avatars, I had never made it to the top floor of their store to see them. Doh!   I was delighted with a sample pack that I received, such sweet adorable features these are a lovely edition to your skin collection.  Pink Fuel skins come in a range of colors, and with each skin purchase you receive a light and dark brow option, in addition to freckles!  The freckles are a fine sprinkling of muted tones, perfect for flirting!  Good body tone all over, with delicate soft shading, and highlighting.  Attention to detail on the face is especially nice, with the eye area is a major feature. The lips are juicy, fresh, youthful, and lightly tinted.  Nice range of makeups, good balance and shape for the brows, and I found I needed no adjustment to my shape to accommodate, you may have the same luck.  No heavy dark bun shadows!  Good attention to cleavage, I will let you inspect the bits and bobs via demo yourself.  Seams are well blended.  The skins are quite lovely, and you owe it to yourself to come grab demos. Teleport to store here. I am wearing the Skye line in Tea, Milk, and Honey (2 pics) tones.

Pink Fuel Makeup
Pink Fuel Makeup

I am wearing a cute little lingerie set called Cornbread from Blacklisted, minus the included stockings. I love the detail, and the well done seams, and they are sooo cute!  The demibra is well placed, and I love the curvy cut of the Cheeky panties in the back!  Cute stockings are included in sheer and solid,  I did not photograph them due to the fact I would be blogging the skins with them, and wanted to show off the nicely done legs, which seem to grow longer when viewed from behind in these panties!  Way to go Gauge Laville!  Teleport to store here.

My hair is Faie in Umber from Karma.  They have quite a selection of hair, in sexy styles, and some chic updos.  4 color hair packs are available, as is a fatpack.  Nice whispy bits, with good prim work.  Click to teleport. [Purchased] I am also wearing Messina Heels (Zebra) in Mocha from Digit Darkes, a nice neutral tone with a bit of RAWR in them! Teleport.

All poses shown are from Miseria, click to tp.

Skin and Shape Expo poster

Skin/Shape Expo ’09 begins September 26th, benefiting the Susan G. Komen for the Cure.  It’s a smaller event then a fair typically is, with a wide variety of stores participating. Click for a teleport to the expo!  See map below for listings and location of stores!

Skinshapeexpo map JPG


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