Gothic Geisha

While out shopping for bikinis at Grasp a while back I wandered into the store next door Sweetaholic, and it full of the most beautiful kimonos I have seen to date inworld.

Sweetaholic - Reien
Sweetaholic - Reien

The store models were beautifully posed, and wrapped showcasing them to perfection. They had various styles, each  I wanted them all, but could only leave the store with one that day, it had to be the one I would regret not buying.  I chose the Reien, which is a gothic, dark kimono with zebra print leather textures, with accents of red, and gothic themed silver accents.   It’s very formal in nature, with long sleeves, and several styles of textures making up for a very wrapped look. The kimono comes with geta, not shown here, as I chose to wear my Bax Coen ankle boots in patent leather.  Included fish net stocks are worn underneath.  Prim arm belt and collar feature gothic themed silver work, also on the collar are black feathers on one side.   The gothic silver chains also decorate the thick obi, with adornments of styled crosses and a crown..  It also comes with a Japanese fan and umbrella.  Each are scripted with the fan having fanning animations, and a red flower particle option, and the Umbrella having been scripted to open and close, with holding animation.

There were several formal kimonos at the store each stunning in their own right.  I have always thought the esthetic of a good kimono should emulate the imagery of a koi fish, flowing, and colorful.  These live up to it, each vibrant, and well designed through use of layers, sculpties, and excellent textures. The wedding kimono was beautiful.

I would recommend to anyone buying one they have some bit of skill at modding their clothing prims to perfect the placement of them on your shape. I would also recommend investing in a good geisha, or kimono ao, as a regular western style walk could ruin the lines of the dress when walking.  There is a Tight Skirt Animation Overider at Curio Obscura that I would like to investigate in the future as being a good ao for this.  Due to many mesh/layer glitches I recommend picking up Robin Sojourner’s tint-able gloves and socks.  You will need the gloves to effect the right look as the sleeves extending to your wrist are on layer and not sculpted prims, to avoid any skin glitches that extend your skin down in points outside of your sleeves.  Click here to tp to get the gloves/socks.  The kimono was such fun to work with, I can’t wait to finish up my other photos in it and have more fun hunting down various items to wear with it, and hopefully some future kimono purchases at Sweetaholic.

Sweetaholic also has 2 group gifts available in store, one being a set of colorful fans, and another being a Geisha avatar kit, containing skin, shape, eyes, and brow.  For this post I went with Sin Skins (Nimbus) Karyukai Gala Noir Line.  I also wore Celestial Studios‘ Club Collection Club 6 lashes (so in love with these), and Magika‘s Earth hair style in Black A.  Long and flowing half up half down hairstyle topped with a bun, and lovely hair-sticks.  A big big Thank You to Sabina Gully of Magika, I was torn over hair to wear in the worst way, and this exactly what I needed!   Thank you to Ms. Sasy too, for helping me dress, and with photographing. 😀

To go about photographing this I used several poses together with and without the animations in the umbrella and fan.
Olive Juice – The Red Queen
Body Language by *Sweet*Lovely*Cute* – BeautyStand007

Hair: Magika – Earth – Black A
Skin: Sin Skin – Gala Noir Nimbus
Eyes: Scarlia – Monochrome Eyes – Silver 3
Kimono:  Sweetaholic – Reien
Boots: Bax Coen – Ankle Boots – Black Patent

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