Glamurena Studio - Witch Costumes
Glamurena Studio - Witch Costumes

Due to the enormous volume of notecards and instant messages generated by my witches costumes I’ve been seen out and about in, from charity events, shopping, and my store ads, I thought it would just be best if I micro blogged the outfits.

Both dresses  are from Glamurena Studio.  I originally blogged the Halloween Pumpkin set (the orange one) last October, click here for the blog post.  This year I added their Halloween Bat set (the purple one)  to my wardrobe as it’s just as lovely.

Both sets are very well made, with a corset on the jacket layer, choice of two layers for the shirt, jacket or shirt.  In addition there is a cobweb undershirt to wear under those.  Puffed sleeves, and puffy trimmed socks are included, but I chose not to wear the puffy socks with my outfit.   Each set comes with a pointed witch hat trimmed in the item it’s named after.  I love the little pumpkins on the Halloween Pumpkin sets hat.

As I did last year I am wearing my Bax Coen Black Patent Leather Ankle Boots, which I think are a perfect match for this.  Sexy, and stylish!

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2 thoughts on “2Witches

  1. Nice post! Halloween is so fun, love how you combined the boots a perfect match.

    you changed your blog layout too? did you LOL or does my brain fool me O.o


    SJ Loon

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