New Release @ W. Winx

Wood Witchs Cottage Set
Wood Witch's Cottage

The Wood Witch’s Cottage is a one room cottage, nestled between 4 barren trees draped with moss.  Features an old stump, and cooking area, and furniture to match.

The cottage and garden are packaged with a convenient rezzer for easy rez faux installation.  The cottage can be easily stand alone without the garden for a more barren look.

The furniture features various animations, the bed containing 3, 2 sitting animations in each chair, 2 sitting animations in the cooking area, and 3 sitting animations the tree stump.  Candles, and fire are click on/off particle flames.

Cottage: 16 prims
Garden: 36 prims
Total prims with furniture: 99  (one of everything rezzed)
Copy Mod No Transfer

On display and available for purchase at:

W. Winx @ The Deck

W. Winx (display area) @ Oubliette

Also available, along with other W. Winx items on Xstreet

W. Winx - Wood Witchs Cottage
W. Winx - Wood Witch's Cottage

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