Special Release – Apothecary Bottles

Special Release for Halloween, Apothecary Bottles for brewing your best and worst!

Winx - Apothecary Bottles
Winx - Apothecary Bottles

Everything you need to attract, repel, curse, torment, and entice!

White Oak. Snake Sheds, Rue Herb, Ladies Thumb, Graveyard Dirt, Dragon Blood Resin, Deer Tongue, Coffin Nails, Burnt Palm Ashes, Black Hen Feathers, and Black Dog Hair.  11 bottles in all, some grouped in sets, or singles.

Only available at W. Winx @ The Deck!

Many other stores here at The Deck, have also set out a reduced price item, or free gift. Look for the easels displaying them in stores!  Off the top of my head, I know Dela has two clutch purses (sale) in yellow and orange; Michimi has a lovely tank and scarf (free);  Amaris has 3 packs of arm warmers (sale); there are many more items so come visit the sim, and hunt them all down.   Ends October 31st. Click here for more details.


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