DeLa = Delightful


DeLa just released a new long cardigan called Lily.  Available in a variety of colors, while I should have grabbed a fatpack, I ended up getting the Pale Blue and Black one shown here.   It’s a very well textured piece, with prim upper and lower sleeves, prim belt and bottom in 3 sizes all modifiable.   The large buttons on the front are a light brown, and the sculpted pockets on the bottom are amazingly realistic.   Deep plunging neckline begs to show off your cleavage, though this cardigan is also well suited for layering with other items, and pants.

I recently picked up a pair of  The Catalyst boots at TheAbyss.  These also come in a variety of colors, and for those who are especially keen on light pink thigh highs should come check these out.   Three prim parts compose the boot, well done so they climb quite high on the thigh.  Good highlight sheen on them makes them stand out as well.  The heels and toe portions are pointed and impossibly high.  These boots raised my avatars height by five inches (13 millimeters).  The instructions that are included with purchase state “Avoid extreme bending of the knee for a more aesthetic look.”, to be honest I sampled over 100 poses while photographing this, the stands, sits, and lays showed no problems with any of the prims, but there are many other poses and animations that might cause a bit of show through, fortunately the shoe layer is tinted black, and even has a slight shadow at the top for an added bit of realism.

I wanted to go easy on the accessories letting the whole ensemble be simple and chose LeLutka‘s Alisa necklace, and Zaara‘s Tarika Claw Earrings.   Both items feature a lot of thought in construction.  Zaara’s earrings are superbly textured and built.  They also come in gold, and turquoise.   LeLutka has a new jewelry designer on board, Anykey Munster of Golden Fleece Jewelry.   A good deal if not all of the new jewelry by AnyKey at LeLutka is scripted to color change giving you one amazing piece, with hundreds of options and on some pieces there are over 1000 color combinations at one hell of an affordable price.  SLink‘s Signature Series Tote was the first bag I thought of while dressing.  I love the superior textures used on it, and the silver finishing.  It comes with animation, but I copied and shifted the attachment point to the left so I can wear it with my favorite tote accommodating ao.

My skin is from a skin gift/bloggers pack from Exodi.  This is Lily!  I have been admiring Exodi’s skins as they have evolved from early stages in development to final release via the designers plurks.  She is keen on a wide variety of make ups, many that are combinations that you don’t see enough of inworld.  This particular one is skin tone Cedar, the make up is frosted with dark brows.  I like the finely arched brow, and the brown eye make up with pink lips a personal favorite.  The skin tone was lush, good highlights and shadows, over all its a nice skin, and features several beauty marks on the back.  Definitely pick up some demos for more of a look-see!  My hair is from Fascino, called Licio in Cocoa. Flexi, and long, with good textures.  Fascino is a small hair store with a couple of cute very windblown hairs with and without poses for those interested.  I hope to see lots more styles from them soon.  There is a group gift at the store too. My sunglasses are from PrimOptic, called Globe 2.  They feature a wide range of scripted features from flight assist, to color changeable frames and lenses.

Teleports & Info:

Hair: Fascino – Licio – Cocoa  [Purchased]
Sunglasses: PrimOptic – Globe 2
Eyes: Bazy! – Steel Grey
Lashes: Celestial Studios – Club Collection – Club 10
Manicure: Awesome Designs – Blood Red
Skin: Exodi – Lily – Cedar – Frosted-Dark Brow
Earrings: Zaara – Tarika – Claw Earrings – Silver
Necklace: LeLutka – Alisa Necklace
Tote: SLink – Signature Series Tote – Black
Cardigan: DeLa – Long Knit Cardi – Lily – Black
Boots: TheAbyss – The Catalyst – Black
Poses:  Long Awkward Pose (Teleport)


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