GeEs Designs – Marlin Drow

I don’t know what it is about drow skins but they drive me mad in a good way.  I don’t get the opportunity to be a drow inworld, unless I get lucky and hit a stash of drow skins.  GeEs Designs has drow skins at their booth at Vanity Universe Skin Fair.  Maybe its the they are so sophisticated looking reminiscent of the luminous quality of old black and white films, that appeals to me or the edgy, look of the fully dressed drow.

GeEs Designs has included a range of makeups, and even tattoos on face and cleavage.  These are a lovely medium dark tone, which I wore with my The Body Politik elf ears, which are menu color changeable worn in Dark Drow.

GeEs Designs - Marlin Drow - Body

Shown here center with TheAbyss Pruriency Corset in black, DeLa’s Briana boots in black, and the flexi skirt from Adam N Eve’s Fae Woodland dress in black.  On either side I’m wearing Adam N Eve’s Leopard Snow Lingerie.  Hair is from Bijou called Dita III, in Monotone 3.

Even though its grey in tone, the luminous highlights show through, body nicely defined.  The range of makeups also feature some on face tattoos, and additional skins with matching tattoos on cleavage.

GeEs Design - Marlin Drow - Makeups

I took advantage of being dressed for this to head over to my stores main location at Oubliette.  It’s a wonderland of nature currently Autumn themed.  My only destination there dressed as a drow could be our cave system in the South Eastern quadrant for some location shots to test the skin in the proper drow environment.

GeEs Designs - Marlin Drow - Cave System @ Oubliette

Vanity Universe Skin Fair opens November 7th, 2009 at 12 pm SLT, and ends November 22, 2007 at 12AM SLT.  5 days of giving towards an important cause!

GeEs Designs is featured at Vanity Universe Skin Fair this year.  Stop by and check out these and their other skins they have out, a lovely mime makeup Pierrot, and the Tara lines.  Each of the Tara  tones  has one makeup that is the charity selection, purchases will go to Care International, an international charity devoted fighting against global poverty.  Read more about the charity here.  Donation kiosks will be available on the sim.

Teleport to Vanity Universe Skin Fair here.

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GeEs Designs – Tara (America/Australia/India)

GeEs Designs was a fabulous discovery for me at the Skin/Shape Expo a month ago. I was so overwhelmed with RL and SL stuff I didn’t even get a chance to blog them, and the photos sat on Flickr for weeks. Click here to see photos of Tara Reloaded.  Vanity Universe Skin Fair 2007 features GeEs Design’s Tara America, Tara Australia, and Tara India.

Vanity Universe Skin Fair opens November 7th, 2009 at 12 pm SLT, and ends November 22, 2007 at 12AM SLT.  5 days of giving towards an important cause!

If you are familiar with the Tara line you will love these.  Tons more makeup in lovely shades, and 3 lovely skin tones. All 3 have beautifully done bodies.  Shading and highlighting are expertly done.  I didn’t find any problems with seam work, and all of them presented a unique lovely face, and overall body.

Tara- America

GeEs Designs - Tara - America

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