Chaisuki @ Skin Fair

Ok, Whatever you are doing, stop right now and seriously head over to skin fair.  Stop by Chaisuki if you haven’t already, and buy their lashes.  A serious MUST HAVE for the lash lover!  Before I even say one word about the skins…..admire…drool….and lust for the lashes….Emergency Shopping teleport here.

Chaisuki Lashes

Three different lashes shown here, in order they are No. 27, No. 20, and No. 15.  I found them a dream to fit with this skins, and I was easily able to mod them for other skins as well.  Keep in mind due to the nature of the design, you might wanna use these with a high arch brow, and vivid make up for added extra effect.

Chaisuki - Gina - Body

I haven’t had the pleasure of trying Chaisuki skins, and I eagerly dove into my bloggers review pack after I had been able to purchase the lashes, and wear them for a couple days.  I refuse to remove them.  Chaisuki has a recent release called Gina, a lovely skins, with no seam issues, and good highlights and shadows.  Skins come with a pushup and hair option, and are a bare bikini wax, with an additional on layer wax.  The range of eye makeups is stunning, I photographed all of them, and couldn’t bear to stick them in small snapshots, so I’m sharing some highlights, but they are all equally fun, vibrant makeups in this range, all shown with Lash No. 20.

Chaisuki - Gina - Makeups

Chaisuki has pre-released Elise at Skin Fair, shown below, in 4 shades.  It too features all the fine detail of the Gina line, as well as excellent makeup.  I liked her skin tones, even the paler ones didn’t wash you out in a variety of Second Life light settings, and the cream to tan ones were even, and a healthy tone.

Chaisuki - Elise - Body - Skin Tones

Chaisuki is featured at Vanity Universe Skin Fair this year.   Charity skin selection purchases will go to Care International, an international charity devoted fighting against global poverty.  Read more about the charity here.  Donation kiosks will be available on the sim.

Teleport to Vanity Universe Skin Fair here.

Chaisuki Main Store teleport here.

Hair: JunWave – Rina (Cut Off) – Black
Watch: Muse – Classic Tank Watch in Black/Silver
Bikini: Artilleri – LeeLee Bikini – Zebra
Shoes: Digit Darkes – Messina Heel – Zebra Black

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