Symphony Skins

Symphony Skins debuted their latest skin tone Base at Vanity Universe’s Skin Fair.  The darkest of their tones to date.   The skin goes beyond a deep tan, with good shadows, and proper highlights to keep the features in focus.  A variety of makeups featuring striking makeup. Symphony Skins - Base - Body

Symphony Skins provides you with a light, red, and dark brow option, as well as a ‘busty’ version of skin that is done well.  Makeups are available in a “Day” or “Night” range, and pay special attention to making your eyes and lips a standout feature. Symphony Skins - Base/Baritone - Makeup Sampker

Baritone was a tone I liked, as well as Tenor (not shown), it’s a light tone, that’s not washed out, and even with the lighter tone, the selection of makeup still remains in keeping with the skin, and not overly vibrant.   I liked the busty effects, the highlights near the rear, and the belly buttons.

Symphony Skins - Baritone - Body

Symphony Skins are featured at Vanity Universe Skin Fair this year.   Charity skin selection purchases will go to Care International, an international charity devoted fighting against global poverty.  Read more about the charity here.  Donation kiosks will be available on the sim.

Teleport to Vanity Universe Skin Fair here.

Teleport to Symphony Skins Main Store here.

Hair: Maitreya Moon – Kala Jeera
Lashes: Celestial Studios – Club Collection – Club 10
Eyes: Scarlia Inc – Dualtone Eyes – Quartz 3
Lingerie: WTW – Nugikake Lingerie – Pink Ap [Teleport]
Shoes: Adam n Eve – Volar Heels – Salmon
Lingerie: WTW – Nugikake Lingerie – Ap
Shoes: Adam n Eve – Volar Heels – Saffron
Poses: Long Awkward Pose [Teleport]   & Lyndz-matic [Teleport]

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