Appearance Skins & Creative Insanity


Appearance Skins - Elise - Body
Appearance Skins - Elise - Body

Appearance Skins is another vendor at Vanity Universe Skin Fair, their latest release Elise shown here, is a very dark tan skin with medium golden tones. Currently this tone is only featured at Vanity Universe Skin Fair.   This charity skin selection purchase will dedicate 50% of proceeds to go to Care International, an international charity devoted fighting against global poverty.  Read more about the charity here.  Donation kiosks will be available on the sim.

Teleport to Vanity Universe Skin Fair here.

Teleport to Appearance Skins Main Store here.

Appearance Skins - Elise - Makeup Sampler
Appearance Skins - Elise - Makeup Sampler


Appearance Skins also has the Elise in Nude tone available, but I am blogging the darker tone.  No seams, a variety of makeups, I liked their red lips particularly.  As you can see the abdomen is nicely done, as well as the bottom.  The shoulder blades too are well highlighted.   Body shot poses are part of new release of poses from Miseria.


Mermaids @ The Deck


Sasy told me about recent addition to the What’s New SL group…Creative Insanity,  I headed over with her to check out their animations, and wow!  I love being a mermaid from time to time, and was pleased to find another awesome Mermaid AO, and not just an ao but it included a posing clam shell, as well as an entire mermaid outfit in 4 colors, red, blue, green, and silver.  Featuring pasties, and clam shell bra in 2 shades.  I made a copy of one, and modded it to cover my bikini area in my Appearance Skins Body photos, over the included thong. Check out Sasy’s post here.

CI - Creative Insanity - Mermaid Animation Overider

Creative Insanity makes  quite a variety of AO’s, several of which come complete with avatar costumes to match.  Currently instore they have (deep breath) the following ao’s; Spectre, Possessed, Devil Male, Devil, Slave, Archangel, Angel, Feral Neko, Puppet Doll, Toy Doll, Robot, Witch, Ghost, Zombie, Fallen Angel, Nosferatu, Vampire AO’s, Werewolf, Violent Femme, Victorian Cane, Circus Pack with animated wearables, Ballet, Fairy, Fan, Tai Chi, Warrior, Pirate, Headless, and Pixie AO.  Animations are Copy/No Transfer.  They do also have a few singles at the teleport area, for $1 each these are No Copy.  Also a free AO, I haven’t gotten a chance to peek at called the Pill AO.

Hair: Analog Dog – Carmen – Green
Bangs: Analog Dog – Noon – Green
Mermaid Outfit: Creative Insanity (CI) – Green

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