DeLa, Mandala, & Zaara

Sasy and I were out shopping at the Plant & Garden Festival (runs through December 27th btw), when the time got away from us, we each teleported home to quickly dress and headed over for the taping of Fabulous Fashion last night. Having only moments to spare, and being known for taking forever to find the perfect pair of shoes with an outfit, I tricked Sasy this time and chose my shoes first, and based my outfit from there.


DeLa - Zaara - Mandala


I chose my Pixel Mode Rhea boots, in Sky first.  I love this color, and have been waiting for just the right pieces to wear with them.  They come with a HUD to change the leather cord colors on the side.  Which was perfect with my cosy long cardigan sweater/dress from DeLa called Lily in sky blue.  I blogged this recently in black here.  I love the look of the textures of the cardigan which features sculpted sleeves, belt, and a lower portion.  The lower sculpted prim features sculpted pockets, and the prim comes in three sizes and is modifiable, so it gets you very close if not dead on size wise on your shape, and any adjustments are easy.  The texture of the cardigan, I thought worked well with the Ishaya slacks from Zaara.  They’re velour, with gold zippered pocket, that come on all layers, and feature sculpted pant parts too.

To accessorize I went with the stunningly beautiful Pearl Rain jewelry set from Mandala.  The designer is kikunosuke Eel, creator of the amazingly gorgeous Tempura Island sim.  Just like his work at Tempura, his jewelry is just as lush, and rich in textures, and fine details.  I swear, there are not enough lindens inworld to support my incessant obsession with buying jewelry.   It’s mind-blowing to consider where virtual jewelry was conceptually when I first rezzed and the skill that is now applied to jewelry today, its astounding.  This particular set is available in a variety of tones, shown here in Silver.  The set includes drop earrings, and necklace available in full bright option as well.  Sold separately are matching bracelets.

I am wearing Armidi‘s Symphony Twist updo in Dark Auburn to show off the Pearl Rain earrings.  This is such a great updo, it’s chic, perfect for formal.   I had to wear another current obsession I have, Chaisuki’s lashes!  I blogged them for Vanity Universe‘s Skin Fair here.  These are the No. 20, which really pop when you wear them with various eye shadows, the skin shown here is blue, in the Leticia line from Redgrave.

Items & Teleports:

Hair: Armidi –Symphony Twist – Dark Auburn
Skin: Redgrave – Leticia – Tan Skin – Blue
Lashes: Chaisuki – No. 20
Jewelry: Mandala – Pearl Rain – Silver
Top: DeLa – Long Knit Cardi – Lily – Pale Blue
Pants: Zaara – Ishaya Slacks – White
Boots: Pixel Mode – Rea Boots – Sky
Poses: Glitterati


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