Phaylen Fairchild

Phaylen Fairchild, if you are new to inworld entertainment, is writer and director, and Diva behind the incredible inworld series DiVAS!  Phaylen is amazingly talented and widely universally appealing having been involved with I Want To Be A Celebrity, and other shows inworld.

Phaylen disappeared during the finale of last seasons show.  We now know her fate-World of Warcraft!

You can also click through to the Phaylen Fairchild Productions site to read more about it, and watch it here.

Phaylen has also been hard at work, blogging, podcasting, and putting together a live show set for December 13th 2009.  Space is limited, and invites have been sent, more spaces may become available.  To see a sampling check out Phaylen from earlier this week on Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe, which also features musical guest Strum Diesel, and Sasy Scarborough talking about her experiences dealing with content theft while general manager of Maitreya. Click here.

Whimsy, Phaylen, and Sasy podcast

Sasy and I also had the opportunity to chat, and dish on the fashion community and Second Life in a podcast.  While it was planned to be a shorter podcast, you can’t shut Phaylen, Sasy, and I up.  Click here to access our podcast on the website, or click here to play in popup.

I would have to say Phaylen is most known for her DiVAS! work, if you haven’t had the chance to enjoy the series you can get started here. Why not rez out the YouTube tv, some popcorn, and invite your friends over for a fun night of comedy.   Until then check out one of my favorite episodes.

2 thoughts on “Phaylen Fairchild

  1. I love it, I love you , and that is my fav episode too, Phaylens go at the ballet bar nearly killed me from laughing.


  2. OMG this is BRILL!!!!!! Seriously! I cannot believe there are not gadgillion comments. I am completely knocked out by the talent, creativity, group coordination, HUMOR HUMOR HUMOR HUMOR. This is just too cool. I’m tweeting it! (i’m xanna on twitter)

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