LeLutka (Ultra) Guile & Macabre Warrior

LeLutka‘s recent fashion show was a phenomenal.  Guest arrived dressed as monks, and cloistered around a striking stage to preview the new collection.  The line is balance of the feminine and masculine with soft fabrics, and structured accessories.  Wearing complete looks as styled on the runway, you can take your wildest fashion dreams to the limit with full on runway concept wear.   Each outfit was well put together, and easy to style from whatever your chosen perspective on what fashion should mean or be for you.  I chose to blog today two specific looks from the show that symbolize the dichotomy.

LeLutka Ultra - Guile

Guile is a lovely party frock of black, with open poppyesque red flowers decorating the skirt, and one singular bloom for a dramatic hat.  Both the hat and skirt feature tiny prim lady bugs which remind me of the quote from Under the Tuscan Sun–Ladybugs, Katherine. Lots and lots of ladybugs.  Dramatic black stockings, combined with the amazing yet simplistic shoes this collection features complete the look. The outfit itself is true to the idea of this collection, it’s very fitted, yet utterly feminine, soft yet dramatic.

LeLutka Ultra - Macabre Warrior

The Macabre Warrior outfit with accessories as seen in the show create a striking look.  The basics of the Macabre Warrior are the body suit of soft draped fabric across the bodice, with a swath of black zoning the torso.  Once combined with the corset, it becomes very structured.  With the shoulder accessory it becomes Romanesque, a nod to the very masculine military lorica worn by Roman soldiers.   The corset’s panniers also allude to the feminine lines of 18th century court costume.

A whole new look in fashion for a new year!  Available at LeLutka in the new year, stay tuned to their blog for release information.

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